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Write an essay addressing one of the topics described below. 

Choose ONE of the following and write an essay: 

Consider the film you watched in Week 1 (Cinema Paradiso, City of God, A Hijacking, the Bicycle Thief, or A Passage to India). Decide whether you would like to discuss the theme of personal suffering and loss or the theme of personal triumph. Once you choose the theme you will discuss, apply the theme to three specific scenes within the film. Use this template for your thesis and organize your essay around the three scenes: In the film (name film), the theme of (personal suffering and loss – OR – personal triumph) is evident in the following scenes (name first scene), (name second scene), (name third scene).  

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The Bicycle Thief



The Bicycle Thief is a film directed by Vittorio de Sica. The plot focuses on a man
(Antonio Ricci), his son, and a bicycle that was stolen on the day of reporting to his new place
of work. It is a neorealism film whereby the director opts to use amateur actors, a documentary
filming style, actual weather, and realistic lighting while focusing on the lives of the working
class. Bruno, Antonio's son, has done a commendable job trying to provide for the family while
Antonio was unemployed. When he eventually secures a job, his bicycle, a great part of him
that is needed to carry out the work duties, is stolen. This leaves Antonio dejected, frustrated,
and on the verge of finding the bicycle thief. In Bicycle Thief, the theme of personal suffering
and loss is evident in the pawnshop scene while selling the sheets, when a young man steals
Antonio's bicycle, and when Antonio attempts to steal another person's bicycle to avoid losing
the job that required him to have a bicycle.
Antonio and his family have to make do with the limited resources. At some point, the
family is forced to forfeit comfort to survive. The theme of personal suffering and pain is seen
in the pawnshop scene, where his wi...

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