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Finding Nemo is the movie that will be discussed.

Establishing a Theme

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Select a movie from AFI’s 10 Top 10 (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site. lists and explain how three cinematic techniques and/or design elements have helped establish a major theme in that film. Note: While you are allowed to choose a film that does not come from the AFI lists, you are strongly encouraged to email your professor to receive approval before doing so.

In 800 to 1200 words

Describe a major theme of the movie you have selected using evidence from the movie itself as well as course resources and other scholarly sources to support your position.

Identify at least three techniques (cinematography, lighting, acting style, or direction) and/or design elements (set design, costuming, or hair and makeup), and explain how these techniques and/or design elements contribute to the establishment of the theme. Reference particular scenes or sequences in your explanations.

State your opinion regarding the mise en scène, including

How the elements work together.

How congruent the design elements are with the theme of the movie.

Whether or not other techniques would be as effective (Explain your reasoning).

Note: Remember that a theme is an overarching idea that recurs throughout the plot of a film. It is the distilled essence of what the film is about, the main design which the specific scenes and actions lead a viewer to understand.

Your paper should be organized around a thesis statement that focuses on how the elements of your chosen feature-length film both establish and maintain one of its major themes. Review the Week Three sample paper, which provides an example of a well-developed analysis as well as insight on composition.

The paper must be 800 to 1200 words in length and formatted according to APA style as outlined in the Ashford Writing Center (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site..

You must use at least two scholarly sources other than the textbook to support your claims. Refer to the ENG225 Research Guide in the Ashford University Library for guidance and to locate your sources. Cite your sources

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Finding Nemo Movie
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The movie Finding Nemo
This movie is more of a cartoon and uses animations; None the less, a lot of valuable life
lessons and themes can be extracted from the movie. A theme can be defined as the fundamental
idea, belief or message that the actor or producer of a movie wants to convey to the audience
(Vaux, 1999). At the center of the Finding Nemo movie is the theme of the value of family and
family hood. We get to appreciate parenthood, childhood and direct people in our surrounding.
Just at the start of the movie, our attention is drawn to the death of Marlin’s wife and children
following an attack by predators. Marlin is only left with one child, Nemo and as a result, he
wants to protect him from everything that might harm him. Marlin unequivocally promises
Nemo that like his father he will not allow anything bad happen to him. That is what is expected
of any father, and it is an indication of how precious a family is to all of us.
Nemo at some point in the movie rebelled against his father, runs away and goes through
some difficult moments. However, the separation made him comprehend and appreciate how
important a family is. According to the movie, a family does not i...

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