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Module Description: You will watch the following short video from a "guest speaker." Or at least as close as we can get for an asynchronous class:

  • TEM with Craig

Complete: After you watch the video, you will write a two page paper about it. The topics of your paper could be :

  • What did you learn from the video that we didn't talk specifically about in this class?
  • Did the video reinforce your desire to go down your intended career path or did it make you think again?
  • What did you find new and interesting?
  • Are there any parts in the video that paralleled what we learned in class?
  • What areas of the airline world, besides the cockpit, can TEM be applied?
  • Are there other jobs within our industry that utilize TEM?

This is not an exhaustive list. Any other topics are fair game as long as they fit in the context of your video and our class. If you have a question about a desired topic, shoot me a quick note and I'll get back to you.

How Do I Earn the EC? You'll write a two-page, double-spaced, 12pt font, 1" margin paper on the video. You'll have a chance to earn UP TO 50pts extra credit. I exaggerate "up to" because it must be of a high quality to earn all 50pts. If it is deemed of poor quality, I will award 0pts or anything between 0 and 50 depending on the quality.

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TEM, or Total Enemy Management, is a system that can be used to improve communication and
efficiency in the cockpit. It was developed by Craig Fuller, a former airline pilot, and is based on
the principles of clear and concise communication, as well as effective planning and execution.
TEM can be used in a variety of areas within the airline industry, including flight dispatch, ground
control, and cabin crew coordination.
In the video, Craig discusses how TEM can be used in the airline industry to help improve safety
and efficiency. He talks about how TEM can be used to help pilots make better decisions in the
cockpit, as well as to help ground crews and other airline staff to work more effectively. He also
discusses how TEM can be used to help airlines improve their customer service.

Craig makes several valid points about how TEM can be used to improve safety and efficiency in
the airline industry. One thing that he does not discuss in the video, however, is how TEM can also
be used to improve the financial performance of airlines. TEM can help airlines to reduce their
costs by helping them to make better decisions about how to operate their businesses. For exampl...

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