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1st Case Study assignment Write 2-3 pages on one of these topics of Ethical Case Analysis. 1. 2. 3. 4. The coming Swarm A face in the crowd Drones over America Sabotaging the system. Steps in Ethical Case Analysis 1. Get the facts straight. Review the case. Briefly recap the details of the case at the beginning of your paper. 2. Identify the central stakeholders in the case. 3. Identify the technical/professional problem in the case. 4. Identify the Ethical problem or problems in the case. 5. Solve the technical and ethical problems using both technical and Ethical standards. Analyze the case from 3 perspectives, use 3 ethical principles one for each perspective. 6. Will your solution to the problem withstand criticism from the perspectives of both a variety of Ethical principles and Professionals in your field? 7. What recommendations can you make about the problems in the case based upon your ethical analysis? When you construct your analysis be sure and remember that we are assigning a 2-3 page analysis. With this length limitation it is important to realize that you will probably only be able to look at the problems in the case from three stakeholder perspectives. If you try to analyze every stakeholder perspective you will probably exceed the length limitation. ALSO ANALYZE THE CASE FROM A STAKEHOLDER PERSPECTIVE. IDENTIFY THE PERSPECTIVE FROM WHICH YOU WILL ANALZE THE CASE. Grading and Evaluation of Individual Papers 1. What are the objectives of the papers? A. i. To become sensitized to the ethical issues in Engineering and Information Technology. ii. Learn how to analyze a case. iii. Learn how to identify the major stakeholders in a case. iv. Learn how to identify the technical problems in a case. v. Learn how to identify the ethical problems in a case. vi. Learn how to apply ethical principles to a case. vii. Learn how to make recommendations in a case based upon ethical analysis. B. a. Critical thinking i. Did you identify and focus on the crucial material and facts in the case? ii. Did you support claims you make about the case with facts? iii. Did you think about the case from a variety of stakeholder perspectives? b. Ethical analysis i. Did you identify the central Ethical problem(s) ii. Did you conduct a well thought out ethical analysis by applying 3 ethical principles? iii. Did you justify ethical judgments with accurate facts and ethical principles? iv. Did you think about the case from a variety of ethical perspectives? v. Did you base your analysis upon ethical principles that cannot be easily criticized? How will your papers be assessed? Evaluations of Papers (Percentages) A. The Case Recap (.10) i. Do you highlight the key points in the case? a. Are the facts in the case accurate? b. Did you focus on the crucial aspects of the case? c. Did you avoid including non essential or superfluous information? B. Stakeholders (.10) i. Who are the primary and secondary stakeholders in the case? ii. Did you clearly identify from which stakeholder perspective you are analyzing the material in the case? a. From whose perspective are you analyzing the case? C. What is the central technical problem? (.15) i.. How is the central technical problem related to the ethical problems in the case? D. What is/are the ethical problem/problems? (.15) i. What ethical problems do you see in the case? ii. What is the central ethical problem? iii. Why is this the central ethical problem? E. What ethical principles apply to the central ethical problem? (.30) i. Do you correctly define the ethical principles you use? ii. Have you correctly applied the ethical principles you use? iii. Do the principles you use withstand obvious criticisms from other ethical perspectives? F. What are your recommendations? (.20) i. Are your recommendations based upon your ethical analysis? ii. Do your recommendations link to your ethical analysis? iii. Rather than stating the obvious ( e. g. this problem could have been easily solved if … ) what do you recommend for similar cases in the future?
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Drones over America
Drones over America could be perceived as a modern and technological advancement,
but there are several ethical issues that come with the technology as depicted in this paper.
The United States Congress passed an Act in February 2012, the FAA Modernization and
Reform act, to support such technology but little did the Congress knew that the same
technology would incorporate several ethical issues especially in terms of personal privacy.
In fact, the ethical issue with this technology has called for a strict limitation on the use of
drones over the US air space despite their usefulness in warfare, weather monitoring,
research, rescue missions, and investigation.
Regarding this technology, the United States government has been the central
stakeholder since its objective was to promote national security and investigation techniques
through the use of unmanned aircraft systems (UAS). The Federal Aircraft Administration
(FAA) has been in the front line to promote the technology, but it has also been the first
organization to realize the ethical downfalls of the technology. The situation even worsened
in September 2015 when the FAA opened the United States airspace to private organizations
and commercial opportunities. As the industry and market for the technology became
increasingly co...

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