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some professionals believe that addictions are hereditary, others claim that additions are learned behaviors, and some believe that people outgrow their addictions as they mature. However others claim that addictions are a disease that cannot be cured, only managed. What do you believe regarding these theories of addiction? Explain why you feel that way. When explaining your rationale, identify a current issue related to addictions that support your stance on addiction.

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Addictions Theory

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Addictions Theory
Addictions as Hereditary
The condition known as addiction is a long-term illness that may be caused by various
physiological, mental, social, and environmental variables. A genetic tendency accounts for
approximately half of the risk of becoming addicted. Genes influence how the body uses
alcohol or other substances and the extent of recompense that people experience when using a
substance, such as substances, or participating in some habits, such as gambling.
Additionally, genes control the extent to which a person encounters rewards when interacting
in certain activities (American Psychological Association, 2022). An elevated urge to reexperience the use of the particular substance, which may be impacted by interpersonal
stressors or background of trauma, sociological influences including the use of a drug by
relatives, and external factors, for example, ease of access to a drug and low price could
result to frequent like using, with persistent use resulting in brain variations.
Additions as ...

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