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1. Which of the following is used when it is especially difficult to find a direct measure of a variable?

a. frequency count

b. raw numbers

c. surrogates

d. subjective numeric ratings

Ans: a

2. Which of the following is most closely associated with ordinal rankings?

a. frequency counts

b. raw numbers

c. indicators

d. subjective numeric rankings? 

Ans: d

3. Estimated (remaining cost) to completion (ETC) is calculated as? 





Ans: b

4. Which of the following is NOT a primary mechanism by which the PM exerts control? 

a. Reviews

b. Personal assignments

c. Audit Reports

d. Resource Allocation

Ans: c

5. Which of the following is not a component of the control system? 

a. Effector

b. Sensor

c. Decision maker

d. Eveler

Ans: c

6. According to research, which of the following is not an important dimension of project success? 

a. Project efficiency

b. Project team cohesiveness

c. Customer input/satisfaction

d. Business/direct success

Ans: a

7. In which of the following project states is the value of the project audit of rather limited usefulness? 

a. Master Schedule

b. Initiation

c. Feasibility study

d. Preliminary plan/schedule budget

Ans: d

8. Which is not a major section listed in the text for the audit report?

a. current status

b. future project status

c. critical management issues

d. financial analysis

Ans: b

9. Which of the following is not a main duty of the termination manager?

a. Oversee the closing of the project's books

b. Complete the projects final report

c. Ascertain any product support requirements

d. Ensure completion of work

Ans: c

10. Which of the following information should not be contained in an audit report? 

a. Introduction

b. Project RACI matrix

c. Risk Analysis

d. future project status

Ans: a

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