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Industry Dynamics of Technological Innovation  – post due by 11:59 pm 07/07/2022

Innovation Article Summary (50%)

Each Innovation Article Summary must be submitted to the Discussion Board Forum by one week before discussion boards are due. (See syllabus for dates)

Each Summary minimum of 1 page, typed, double space, 12-point font

Include a link and/or copy of the full article with citation details

Articles must be from respected, credible outlets for information. A link or citation must accompany the Summary for reading.

For example, an article detailing Disney’s Imagineering would be significant for Part Three Chapter 12, “Managing New Product Development”



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CLASSMATE ANSWERS (USE IT AS A TEMPLATE) European Innovation Agenda C OLLA PSE Guess someone has to go first! Link: Brief Summary/Relation to Course: The EU’s executive branch announced what it calls a European Innovation Agenda this week, a broad framework to enhance tech investment and innovation across Europe. The plan consists of five pillars, three of which are: • • • Mobilizing funding for companies to scale up, with an emphasis on deep tech companies that require extensive help to get over the financial gap, an area where the EU lags behind the US and China Cultivating talent through expanded educational programming and internships, with the goal of eventually having 20 million information and communication technology specialists by 2030 Streamlined policymaking that will involve the production of shared data and best practices, as well as the development of common definitions The other two pillars – titled “Experimentation” and “Innovation Ecosystems” but very closely related in my assessment – provide an easy connection to the text, particularly near the end of Chapter 2 where the nature of government-funded research through the use of science parks and incubators are discussed, along with the subsequent discussion of collaborative networks. Both pillars carry the obvious goal of getting similar types of tech startups in common spaces (companies working on renewable hydrogen fuel is given as an example of a group that is set to benefit from a test bed introduced this year), with the very obvious goal of taking advantage of built-in efficiencies and, eventually (it is hoped), agglomeration economies. While a lot of the “common spaces” are virtual, including the planned AI-based Innospace platform that will likely allow for connections beyond the often-insular geographic clusters, “regional innovation valleys” are also a part of the plan. Those valleys will form something of a network across Europe, and will be paired with areas on a different part of the technological spectrum, with the goal of helping the less technologically advanced areas grow. Why it Matters: Obviously, it’s impossible at this point to pass any sort of judgement on the innovations that may spring from the EU’s plan (or even whether the plan will be successful), but it is worth pointing out that the European Innovation Agenda is, in and of itself, a process innovation that attempts to streamline many of the regulatory and financial hurdles faced by capital-intensive deep tech startups. If it is successful in helping the EU become an epicenter for tech innovation, it certainly provides a model for collaboration between sectors and governments that others may be able to take advantage of in the future. Discussion Questions: 1. Do you think the EU’s plan to, essentially, rely on technological spillovers to elevate the broader population will be successful? Why or why not? 2. What are the biggest challenges to the EIA’s success? Cultural gaps? Standards battles between firms that may or may not have been familiar with each other’s work beforehand? Something else? MBA 603 Innovation Article 1.docx (16.279 KB) CLASSMATE ANSWERS (USE IT AS A TEMPLATE)
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Technological Innovation
Course code

Technological innovation in the healthcare Industry
The article describes various healthcare innovation systems in Malaysia. It shows how
technological innovation is making healthcare organizations in Malaysia more functional and
effective. The healthcare industry faces massive challenges, especially privacy concerns,
stringent regulations, and rising management costs. Healthcare professionals and leaders are
turning to advanced technological innovation systems and informatics to improve healthcare
delivery. Innovation has become critical in the health sector because it has enabled technology
and people to connect more. In addition, technological advancements have allowed healthcare
organizations to solve health challeng...

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