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Business Law Homework No. 3 Crimes 3-1. Car Chase Victoria lived in a house with roommates Ben and Carl. One night, Albert entered the house through an unlocked, closed door and entered Victoria’s bedroom. Albert removed a partially full bottle of whiskey and a knife from his pocket and threatened to harm Victoria if she screamed. Ben and Carl discovered Albert in Victoria’s room. Catching sight of Ben and Carl, Albert took off running. Ben said to Carl, “Let’s get him!” Ben and Carl chased Albert out of the house. Albert got into a car and drove away. Ben and Carl jumped into a neighbor’s car, which had its keys in the ignition, and sped after Albert. Ben and Carl caught up with Albert in a shopping center. Ben drove into the passenger side of Albert’s vehicle and pushed it until its driver’s side came to rest against the wall of a building, trapping Albert inside. No one was injured. The police arrived and arrested all three parties. 1. What crimes, if any, might Albert reasonably be charged with, and what defenses, if any, might he reasonably assert? 2. What crimes, if any, might Ben and Carl reasonably be charged with, and what defenses, if any, might they reasonably assert? 3-2. Tired and Careless Doctor After dinner, Alvin felt ill. Although he thought he might have indigestion, he was short of breath and was experiencing chest pains, well-known symptoms of a heart attack. He drove himself to the emergency room at a local hospital. At the emergency room, Alvin described his symptoms to Nick, an experienced screening nurse. Donna was the physician on duty. She had already worked a fourteen-hour shift and was eager to go home. Without examining Alvin, Donna concluded that he had indigestion, relying on Nick’s statement of his symptoms. She sent him home, recommending that he take some bicarbonate of soda. On the drive home, Alvin collapsed behind the wheel of his car. He veered into oncoming traffic, struck a truck, and died instantly. If Alvin had been examined by Donna, he would not have collapsed behind the wheel of his car. With what crimes, if any, can Donna reasonably be charged? 3-3. Burglary and Cyanide In a series of night burglaries, a burglar broke into houses when the owners were away and stole items. The burglar ate cookies found at each house and became known as the “cookie bandit.” Wanting to protect his property and prevent a burglary while he was out of town for the weekend, Dan planned to lace some cookies with cyanide and leave them on his kitchen counter. He believed his plan was lawful because he had been told by a police officer that he could use deadly force to prevent a burglary. He asked his friend Ann to help him obtain cyanide. She tried to talk him out of his plan, but he assured her that it was lawful. Ann then got some cyanide. Dan laced some cookies with it, left them on the kitchen counter, and went left for the weekend. During Dan’s absence, his neighbor Jane entered his house, together with her five-year-old son, Victor. Each weekend, Jane cleaned Dan’s house. While Jane was cleaning, Victor found the cookies, ate one, and died. 1. With what crimes, if any, can Dan reasonably be charged, and what defenses, if any, can he reasonably raise? 2. With what crimes, if any, can Ann reasonably be charged, and what defenses, if any, can she reasonably raise? 3-4. Assassination Gone Wrong Will asked Steve, a professional assassin, to kill Adam, a business rival, and Steve accepted. Before Steve was scheduled to kill Adam, Will heard that Adam’s business was failing. Will told Steve that he had changed his mind and no longer wanted him to kill Adam, but Steve responded that he was going to kill Adam anyway. Steve assaulted Adam late at night on a dark, deserted street. Adam resisted so vigorously that Steve’s life was at risk. Steve finally overcame Adam’s resistance and succeeded in killing him. 1. What charges can reasonably be brought against Steve? 2. What charges can reasonably be brought against Will?
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Business Law Homework No.3 – Crimes
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3-1. Car Chase
Question One
In the event of the car chase case, Albert who broke into Victoria’s room unlawfully
through the entrance of an unlocked key will be charged with the case and crimes of unlawful
entry with no force. The crime is reported to fall under the class of burglary breaking and entry,
under which the accused is found guilty of all the charges (Justia, 2017). The offense is classified
and categorized as a local crime, despite the degree and intensity of the breaking in. The crimes
allocated to Albert will detail the unlawful entry into Victoria’s room with no force asserted
against him at first, in addition to the intent to commit another crime detailing the period and
moment he was depicted to threated Victoria’s life if she screamed.
On the other hand, Albert will assert his defense against the crimes being imposed on him
by speculating and stating that at the time he was drunk, and therefore he was not in his full
senses and he was under the influence of alcohol. This will place Albert into the sympathy side
of the Courts judgment as al his actions were done under the influence of alcohol as he was seen
to remove a partially full bottle of Whisky from his pocket.

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