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Paper over a speech Ronald Reagan did in 1984

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this is a research paper over one of ronald reagans speeches.

Choose from his

  • announcement speech.
  • acceptance speech (accepting the party’s nomination).
  • debate performance.
  • concession speech.
  • A speech in which a candidate is surfacing.
  • inaugural speech.

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RONALD REAGAN is my Candidate individual paper analyzing one example of political communication by their candidate.  ➢ The paper should be 4 to 6 typed, double-spaced pages long. The format may be any currently accepted or accredited style (i.e., A.P.A. or M.L.A.). It does not matter which style students choose, but it must be used correctly and consistently throughout the paper. Diana Hacker’s A Pocket Style Manual is strongly recommended.  ➢ In this paper, the student will (1) select a text delivered by their candidate, (2) choose a political communication concept or theory that we have learned about in class, (3) research and describe that concept or theory by finding at least three sources outside of class readings, and (4) apply that theory or concept to the candidate’s text. Possible topics of the paper include: o o o o o o A candidate’s announcement speech.  A candidate’s acceptance speech (accepting the party’s nomination).  A candidate’s debate performance.  A candidate’s concession speech.  A speech in which a candidate is surfacing.  A candidate’s inaugural speech.  1. Selecting a text. Each student will choose a political text presented by their team’s candidate to a public audience. This may be a speech, a piece of campaign literature, a fundraising letter, a page on a website, or an ad, to give some examples. Things to consider when choosing the text include: While the team presentation will be a collective effort, the papers are individual works. Each student on the team will select a different text by the same candidate. This text should illustrate one of the theories or concepts that we have learned in class; in the paper each student will research and describe a theory or concept of political communication and then apply that theory to the text they have selected. The length of the text is not as important as its “significance.” The better question to guide you is: “Will I be able to apply a concept or theory we have learned in class to this artifact?” The text must be available in written form (such as a text of a speech, a downloaded webpage, or a script for an ad). Students will also have to reproduce and turn in a copy of the text that they use along with their paper. In addition to the campaign websites of their candidates, students may want to check the following website for texts: American Rhetoric 2. Finding research sources. Once you have selected a text, you need to find at least three sources outside of class readings on the political communication theory or concept that you will use to analyze the text. The first avenue to try is footnotes or bibliographical information in your readings for class. Trent, Friedenberg, and Denton have extensive notes on the sources they cite. If you see a source that interests you in these notes or bibliographies, look it up! It could be a source that you can use, and any source will also have its own footnotes and bibliographical information. To find research in the communication field, go to the Alkek Library website. Click on “Research Databases” under “Quick Links” and then click on “Communication & Journalism” (under the listing “Databases by subject”). The best database listed is “Communication Source from Ebsco.” Once in that database, you can search by author, topic, or title for literature that relates to your paper. Another database that can be helpful is “JSTOR.” Go to “Research Databases” under “Quick Links” and then click on the letter J at the top of the page. Major academic journals that have articles on political communication include: Political Communication Quarterly Journal of Speech Southern Communication Journal Western Journal of Speech Communication Rhetoric & Public Affairs Presidential Studies Quarterly Communication Monographs Communication Studies COMM 4345 | Political Communication Paper & Presentation Assignments | Page 3 3. Writing the paper. In the first part of the paper, students will explain one theory or concept explaining an aspect of political communication that has been covered in the class readings or lectures. In explaining this concept in the paper, students may draw on sources already read or discussed in class; in addition, each student must examine at least three sources outside of class material to explain this concept thoroughly. This part of the paper should be about 2-3 pages long. Each student will then analyze her or his text according to the theory or concept explained in part one of the paper. In applying this theory or concept to the text, the student is using it to answer the questions, “Was this text successful (or not)? How (or how not)?” This part of the paper should be about 2-3 pages long. ...
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Surname 1
Student Name
Ronald Reagan’s speech and political theories
There are numerous political communication concepts that exist in the political science
field of study which can all be used in the analysis of different works that have been brought
forth by political leaders either in their speeches or other forms of written works. This paper
seeks to analyze the annunciation of candidacy reelection speech by the fortieth president of
America Ronald William Reagan based on the political legitimacy concept.
Political legitimacy concept
Although there are many political communication theories, this paper examines the
political legitimacy theory, which is basically a virtue of political institutions and the decisions
pertaining laws and policies of candidates of political offices that are formulated in these
political institutions. The term legitimacy refers to acceptance or recognition of a certain
authority not only to its subjects but also to other relevant and external authorities as well.
Political legitimacy is associated with the justification of coercive power and creation of
a political authority, authority in this case being the ability to rule or issue commands, and could
be extended to enforcing these commands using coercive power. Political legitimacy influences
obligation to obey political authority. Although some people may argue that a legitimate political

Surname 2
authority does not determine the willingness to obey commands, it is relevant that an accepted
authority shall have most of the people adhering to its political commands.
To determine these beliefs on political authority and political ob...

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