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The purpose of this deliverable is to:

  • Describe the architecture of the system. This includes a graphic of the environment including clients, servers, internet and associated stack. Figure 7-7 in the Satzinger Textbook (page 191 of text or Slide 16 Chapter 7 on ppt) is a good example. Make sure you explain what type of software (app, desktop, mobile, web etc) you are developing and why (20 points)
  • Describe your plan to achieve integrity and security in your application. This includes how you will design input and output security controls, address redundancy and backup and reduce fraud. For fraud reduction, identify any “bad actors” and describe your plan to thwart violations. What sort of encryption will your system have? (15 points)
  • Illustrate in a high-level navigation chart, all the components of the new system as per the case study and defined in the use case diagram scope that was created in the previous deliverable. (15 points). You may iterate/update your prior deliverable without penalty.
  • Complete a detailed design of four (4) of the most significant use cases to provide the necessary documentation for four “sprints” or build iterations, following an agile approach. This includes (40 points):
    • Use case description for the use case
    • Wireframes and storyboard to explain the sequence of events and have a full appreciation of the UI
    • A single class diagram that covers all four use cases
  • Describe your approach to project management if you and your team had to complete this project and all the code. (10 points)
    • What milestones do you have?
    • How will you organize your weekly and daily work?
    • How will you manage you source code?
    • How will you test the software?
    • How to you plan to transition the software to the client?
    • How will your system be supported?

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SYST28951-SYSTEMS DEVELOPMENT METHODOLOGIES 2022 Case Study Suds To Go Introduction Suds To Go specializes in providing mobile car detailing. The company travels to the customer’s home or client work site with all of the supplies to clean and detail personal or commercial vehicles. Clients can save time and gas money by not having to take their car to a car wash. Your responsibility will be to take the information in the Business Summary section and create the deliverable documentation. Business Summary Existing System The current system is completely manual. Customers contact the sole proprietor of Suds To Go via social media messaging to book an appointment. Messages are returned within 24 hours and the customer can arrange to book SHERIDAN COLLEGE 1 SYST28951-SYSTEMS DEVELOPMENT METHODOLOGIES 2022 an appointment for one or more vehicles to be cleaned and detailed. The maximum number of vehicles that can be booked at one time is 12 vehicles (commercial fleets of vehicles or company cars) and this will use an entire day of booking time (6 hours plus travel time) and will require 5 employees plus the owner to attend the appointment. Appointment times are typically 30 minutes for exterior wash and detail only. Interior and exterior cleans take 1 hour. There is a 50% surcharge for cleans that require the removal of stains or odours and this must be noted at the time of booking because the appointment will be booked for 1.5 hours. Vehicles can be cleaned one or two at a time. To clean one vehicle, 4 employees typically attend except as noted above for a booking of more than two vehicles. There are three full time employees plus the owner/operator and during the months of May-September the company employs 6 part-time students who work on a rotating basis. They work out their schedule each week in a shared chat. Customers message with their name, address, vehicle make and model and desired booking date, time and service. The owner messages back to confirm that there are no stains/odours and that the vehicle is not oversized (Suds To Go only cleans vehicles seating 8 or less passengers) and then confirms the booking and sends it out on the group chat to see who can work that day. All three full time employees are expected to be available Tuesday-Saturday from 8AM-4PM. When additional employees are needed, the first part-time employee(s) to respond on the group chat get to also attend the booking. Suds To Go accepts mobile payments of debit only (no CC). They also accept cash. Often, the employees attending a job will receive a cash tip at the end of the job and the owner prefers to split this evenly amongst all the full time and part-time employees and not just those who worked the job where the tip was given. The owner keeps the cash in a tip envelope and divides it evenly at the monthly team meeting. It can be hard to track who receives tips when people are on vacation or miss a team meeting to take a booking. Several of the parttime employees have complained that they have missed out on tips from the tip envelope. The owner keeps a paper list of clients names and addresses that they have visited but this is currently the only piece of documentation kept over time and the owner has no way to reach out to their customers for repeat bookings or SHERIDAN COLLEGE 2 SYST28951-SYSTEMS DEVELOPMENT METHODOLOGIES 2022 reviews. Suds To Go does get reviews on social media however they would like to establish more of an online presence and figure out how to save their contacts more efficiently to be able to offer promotions and advertise during less busy times. It is also difficult to report on revenue and predict income because the data is all on paper. Proposed New System The owner has decided digitize their business by paying for a website which will integrate with social media and accept mobile payments by debit or credit card. The website needs to work on both desktop and mobile with full admin access on mobile since they are often working with only access to their phones. The website will handle all bookings and provide daily reports on the number of bookings as well as the addresses. The owner would like the chance to optimize their routes by having a map feature built in that will calculate travel time between bookings. When booking an appointment, a customer will provide: • Their name and contact information • A credit card for a deposit (requiring integration with a payment system such as PayPal) • The make and model of each vehicle • The service they are selecting for each vehicle • Whether there are any additional “deep cleans” required to remove stains or odours. If a client wishes to cancel their appointment or change it they should be able to do so up to 24 hours in advance by using the website. After their service, the system should send a thank you email, prompting the customer to leave a review of their experience on the website and social media platforms. When employees access the system, they need to be able to view available appointments, volunteer to work shifts and see optimal driving routes between appointments. Employees should also be able to see their expected tip payout (which will still be cash but should be tracked in the system). The owner must be able to do all of the above plus approve bookings and enter tips which will be automatically divided and noted on employee files. The owner also needs the ability to schedule employees and vacations. The owner would also like to SHERIDAN COLLEGE 3 SYST28951-SYSTEMS DEVELOPMENT METHODOLOGIES 2022 see monthly reports generated by the system to help them remain competitive. Some examples of desired reports are: • monthly revenues • monthly tip payout to each employee • comparisons with previous months’ revenues • monthly reservation bookings and cancellations by type (commercial, personal) • summary of positive vs negative reviews • most frequently serviced vehicles SHERIDAN COLLEGE 4
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Case Study Suds To Go

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Case Study Suds To Go

Systems architecture
The primary role of this project is to design a new solution that will benefit Suds To Go

Integrity and security management
When developing an information system, it is essential to integrate the best practices that

Navigation chart
The proposed system will provide a foundation for enabling the clients to book an

Use cases and descriptions
This section has identified four use cases that will be used in developing the system.

Approach to project management
This project will be completed in various milestones. These milestones will provide a


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Case Study Suds To Go

Institutional Affiliation:


Case Study Suds To Go

Systems architecture
The primary role of this project is to design a new solution that will benefit Suds To Go
by replacing the current system that will help the firm to coordinate client interactions. The
proposed system will utilise a client-based architecture that will allow the users, including the
consumers, employees, and owners, to interact with a reliable solution in coordinating the flow
of client requests. The proposed system will be implemented in a client-server architecture
because it will operate over the internet. Client-server architecture allows developers to integrate
resources like servers and front-end processing frameworks into the solution (Potapov et al.,
2019). The proposed system will allow the firm to host its back-end processes on a ...

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