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1 Junnyfood Business Description Akitoshi Mitsuno Business English A Professor Robert Granado July 16. 2022 Junnyfood Business Description 2 Business Description Junnyfood eatery is a vegetarian restaurant that seeks to provide remarkable vegetative meals for different clients. Junnyfood restaurant is located at Old Denton rd, Carrollton. The restaurant provides various types of vegetarian dishes which are customized to fit the client’s preferences. The eatery is open from 10 a.m to 10 pm, every except on Saturdays. Having realized the lack of vegetative meal service on Old Denton rd, Carrollton, There are many all-you-can-eat bbq restaurants, but none specialize in vegetables.and provides exclusive vegetative meals. Junnyfood saw it fit to begin the restaurant to meet the needs of vegetative clients, especially elderly individuals and clients who may have strict dietary use vegetative meal plans. Description of service and operating Hours Service Description Junnyfood is a vegetative restaurant serving assorted meal plans customized according to the client’s specifications. The restaurant’s model of service delivery includes in-house meal programs that entail ordering and taking a client’s customized meal at the restaurant. Secondly, outside catering services are provided for clients who may wish for the restaurant’s services in specific social settings and to the vegetative group of individuals. Thirdly, the restaurant offers To- go options, which entails ordering food and taking it while packed. The restaurant’s primary motto is to meet and satisfy the client’s needs. Operating Hours 3 Junnyfood restaurants operate six days, from 10 am to 10 pm, Sunday-Friday. Under special requests or in the case of outside catering, the services can be extended to 12 am, with extra credits. Business Location The restaurant is situated on Old Denton Rd, Carrollton and it provides services to a wide range of clients from the surroundings of Carrollton and individuals from different streets, towns. 15:35 1 Quike X Competition 1of 3 Business competition Direct and indirect competition Direct competition exists where organizations produce similar products that appeal to the same group of consumers. For example, this happens when two supermarkets offer the same range of chocolate bars for sale. Indirect competition exists when different firms make or sell items which although not in head to head competition still compete for the same $ in the customers pocket. For example, a High Street shop selling CD's may be competing with a cinema that is also trying to entice young shoppers to spend money on leisure activities. Businesses are strongly affected by competition: a. the price they charge is limited by the extent of the competition. b. the range of services and the nature of the product they sell is influenced by the level of competition. For example, a business selling an inferior product to that of a rival will struggle to make sales unless they cut their prices. WORK hand How Do Businesses Compete? Businesses compete in many ways. Their goal is to get the customer to choose them. Here are some examples: Lowering Prices Joe sells T-shirts for $5.00 each. Mo sells T-shirts. Maybe Mo will compete by selling his for $4.00. Joe might lower his T-shirt price to match the $4.00 price, or he might go lower. Businesses can compete by lowering prices. But businesses cannot lower them so much that they no longer make enough money to make the shirts, pay their workers, and pay for their store. Better Products Making products that work better, look better, last longer, or do more is one way to compete with other businesses. Prices for an item can be the same or sometimes even higher than the price offered by a competing company, provided that the item is so good that customers will really want it. Businesses can offer a better quality product to get customers to choose them.
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• Junnyfood eatery is a vegetarian
restaurant .
• Junnyfood intends to serve its
clients with vegetative meals.
• The eatery provides an assortment
of vegetarian dishes.

• A business is usually established to meet a market gap.
• Many restaurants along Old Denton rd, Carrollton do not provide
vegetarian dishes.
• Therefore, Junnyfood eatery comes to fill this qap.

• Junnyfood is a restaurant that specializes in vegetative meals.
• The meals are served as per client’s specification.
• There are 3 modes of delivery:

In-house meal programs

ii. Outside catering services
iii. To- go options

Junnyfood restaurant is located at
Old Denton rd, Carrollton.


To meet and satisfy the client’s needs.

• Days of operation – Sunday to Friday
• Time of Operation - 10 am to 10 pm
• Time of operation may be extended t0 12 am during:
• Outside catering
• On special requests

• Old Denton Rd, Carrollton has several restaurants.
• Offering same products would make it difficult for Junnyfood restaurants
to servive in the market.
• Junnyfood therefore decided to offer a better product from the rest vegetative meals.
• To increase its variety, the eatery offers meals as per customer’s

• Junnyfood restaurant acquires competitive
advantages over other restaurants by using

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