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You will use your readings and research articles to address the hot topic of
ethics in groups.  In addition, you will need to address the ethical issues unique to group therapy
and how these issues compare to those from individual counseling.  Discuss why a
therapist would choose group therapy over individual counseling, or vice versa. 

You should use a minimum of 10 empirical articles to support your readings. 

 For the final part of your paper--the only part where first person is
acceptable--discuss your leadership qualities and assess your approach to group
therapy.  In addition, discuss what ethical challenges you face.  This paper is
to be 15–20 pages and double-spaced.  The 15–20 pages do not include the title
page, abstract, references, and the other elements that are required for this

Ethics Paper: References
For the Ethics Paper (described below), you are required to have at least 10
empirical articles to support your writing.  All articles must
be empirical, and at least half of them must be recent (2000 or later). 

You must submit the references in proper APA format


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