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Whats an adverb?

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What is an adverb?  I think I know what it means, but I am not certain. 

Apr 9th, 2015

An adverb can be added to a verb to modify its meaning. Usually, an adverb tells you when, where, how, in what manner, or to what extent and action is performed. Many adverbs end in ly — particularly those that are used to express how an action is performed. Although many adverbs end ly, lots do not, e.g., fast, never, well, very, most, least, more, less, now, far, and there.

Here are some examples:

When: He ran yesterday.

Where: He ran here.

How: He ran quickly.

In what manner: He ran barefoot.

To what extent: He ran fastest.

In these examples, the adverbs are all just one word, but they can be made up of more than one word. (i.e. adverbial phrases and clauses.)

Adverbs are also used to modify adjectives and other adverbs. For example:

He's an extremely nice chap.

She can run extremely quickly.

Apr 8th, 2015

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Apr 9th, 2015
Apr 9th, 2015
Jun 27th, 2017
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