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electron tranferrance in a chemical equation

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how many electrons are transferred in the following oxidation-reduction reation?

Zn(s) + 2AgNO3(aq) = Zn(NO3)2(aq) + 2Ag(s)

Oct 18th, 2017

In Zn (s),

 the Zn has a charge of 0 
In Zn(NO3)2, the Zn has a charge of +2. 

The zinc has lost 2 electrons. 

In 2 AgNO3 (s), 

2 Ag have a charge of +1 for one,so total of +2 
In 2 Ag (s), the 2 Ag have a charge of 0. 

The 2 Ag have gained 2 electrons. 

The number of electrons transferred is 2................

hope you understood...please message if you have doubts,,,thank you

Apr 9th, 2015

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Oct 18th, 2017
Oct 18th, 2017
Oct 19th, 2017
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