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Ethical and Legal Aspects of Management

As you saw in the last workshop, leaders cast light when they master the ethical challenges of leadership. They cast shadows when they abuse power, hoard privileges, mismanage information, act inconsistently, misplace or betray loyalties, or fail to assume responsibilities. This assignment will help you examine your perceptions regarding the ethical dilemmas faced by leaders and examine some light-casting qualities depicted by ethical leaders. 

Upon successful completion of this assignment, you will be able to:

  • Identify legal and ethical leadership dilemmas that effect managerial decision making. 
  • Distinguish leadership actions that cast light from those that cast shadows.
  • Examine the guidelines offered by the world and the Bible for ethical living.
  • Distinguish behavior accepted by those serving the world from behavior by those serving Christ.


  • Textbook: Meeting the Ethical Challenges of Leadership
  • Article: White’s Biblical Principles
  • Website:Whistleblower Protection
  • Article: Whistle Blowing in the Public Sector 


  1. Review the rubric to make sure you understand the criteria for earning your grade.
  2. Review Chapters 1 and 3 in Meeting the Ethical Challenge of Leadership textbook.
  3. Read Chapter12 - Focusing on the Three Stages of a Crisis, Practice Transparency and Blowing the Whistle: Ethical Tension Points in Meeting the Ethical Challenge of Leadership textbook.
  4. Read White’s Biblical Principles
  5. Read the article Whistle Blowing in the Public Sector
  6. Visit Website: Whistleblower Protection. 
  7. Choose and read two articles from the list below:
    1. Boeing
    2. Boeing (article #2)(do not use both Boeing articles)
    3. Uber
    4. Wells Fargo
    5. Firestone Tire recall
    6. BP Deepwater oil spill
    7. Daraprim Turing Pharmaceuticals
    8. Atlanta School Scandal
    9. Starbucks
    10. Massive Admissions Scandal
    11. Volkswagen
    12. Theranos
  8. Using MS Word, write a research paper between 600 and 1,000 words in which you will discuss the following for each case:
    1. Briefly summarize facts of the case.
    2. Identify the types of ethical and legal challenges discussed in the article.
    3. Determine which type of shadow, as described in Chapter 1 of Meeting the Ethical Challenges of Leadership, best describes each ethical challenge. Analyze how this shadow impacts the stakeholders. Provide a detailed evaluation that demonstrates clear, insightful critical thinking.
    4. Was the ethical challenge brought to light by a whistleblower? If so, was whistleblowing the appropriate ethical action?
    5. Evaluate the ethical and legal challenges of the article using White’s five biblical business ethics principles discussed in this workshop. Which biblical principle, if any, does each ethical or legal challenge violate? Provide a detailed evaluation that demonstrates clear, insightful critical thinking.

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Ethical and Legal Aspects of Management

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Ethical and Legal Aspects of Management
Summary of Facts about the cases Read
There are ethical and legal principles in management that ought to be adhered to by
leaders to impact the smooth running of a business. However, leaders can experience Challenges
when dealing with the ethical and legal aspects, which might force them to make difficult
choices. The case concerning the Wells Fargo fraud is a controversy that arose from the
establishment of millions of fraudulent savings, managing and monitoring accounts on behalf of
the Wells Fargo client and without their given authority. Employees created fake accounts for
customers, not knowing the accounts were premium for them to meet the quota mandated to
them in 2009. The news wildly spread in 2016 across the world after the law fined the company
for illegal activities. In a different case, the Atlanta Schools Scandal, accusations were made that
the teachers and principals in the public schools within Atlanta cheated on standardized tests
administered by the state in 2010. In the two briefed cases, those accused defended themselves
by arguing they experienced ethical and legal dilemmas which forced them to make difficult
Types of Ethical and Legal Challenges in the Articles
The most relevant challenge in the Wells Fargo fraud case is an ethical challenge they
experienced due to the misuse of trust, which made the employees in the company lose their
integrity as a result of them being forced to meet a targeted sales level or else lose their jobs. The
entire corporation suffered the consequences of the lack of honesty among a few employees who
had no choice but to fake sales to secure their positions at work. The ethical and legal dilemmas
experienced concerning the Atlanta School Scandal are dishonesty and cheating; however, the



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