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Step 7: Analyze Network Analysis Tools

Now that you have finished the threats and vulnerabilities report, you will analyze how network analysis tools are employed to identify vulnerabilities.

Earlier in the project, as you developed the comprehensive project plan, you should have read about tools and techniques available for vulnerability assessment activities. Research the tools relevant to the project plan and provide a cogent analysis of which tool or tools to recommend for this project. Consider threat remediation and make special note of tools used to identify software communications vulnerabilities.

Include the findings in a one- to two-page report, including a justification of your decision based on peer-reviewed reference materials cited in APA format. This report will be used in the final vulnerability and threat assessment report.

Step 8: Assess Vulnerabilities and Threats

So far, you have considered the scope of work to complete a vulnerability and threat assessment for the organization, created a comprehensive work breakdown structure, explained, classified, and prioritized threats and vulnerabilities, and have chosen the network analysis tools to be used. It is finally time to assess vulnerabilities.

Using the Vulnerability and Threat Assessment Matrix template, complete the vulnerability assessment for your organization. This matrix will serve as Appendix B of the final report.

Step 9: Review and Record Findings

After completing the vulnerability and threat assessment in the previous step, you should now take time to review and consider your findings. Review the work you have completed and the feedback that you have received. Record any lessons that you have learned that may be beneficial in the future.

Issues that may be addressed include whether nontechnical factors should be considered during the vulnerability assessment, the point at which the assessment is complete, next steps, and any other issues that you noticed throughout. Record your notes thoroughly, as they will be the basis for the "lessons learned" report completed in the next step.

Step 10: Write Lessons Learned Report

Based on the work done and research accomplished, consider what you have learned so far. Build upon the findings recorded in the previous step to write a lessons learned report.

Is a vulnerability and threat assessment a technical undertaking only, or should it consider other factors? When is the assessment complete? What are the "next steps" based on your assessment? These are some examples of issues that should be addressed. This report will serve as the conclusion of the final report.

Submit a two- to three-page report of lessons learned Once this reflection is complete, you will be ready to compile the overall vulnerability and threat assessment report. In the next step, you will revise your findings as necessary.

Step 11: Review and Revise Report Sections

Now that you have completed all the major sections of the vulnerability and threat assessment, it is time to prepare the individual sections of the final report. Review the SoW, Work Breakdown Structure, Threats and Vulnerabilities Report, Network Analysis Tools Report, Vulnerability and Threat Assessment, and Lessons Learned Report. Make any appropriate revisions and compile the findings in preparation to submit the final report.

Once the revisions are complete, the final report is ready to submit in the last step.

Step 12: Write Overview and Compile Final Vulnerability and Threat Assessment Report

You have reached the final step. Use the Final Vulnerability and Threat Assessment Report template in preparing the final report. In APA style, write an overview and compile all the sections prepared throughout the project into a report according to the template.

Since this report will be delivered to Maria and other top executives, tailor your writing to the appropriate audience. Be sure that coherent paragraphs or points are developed so that each is internally unified, functioning as part of the whole document.

When you are finished, submit the final report.

Please complete steps 7-12 to complete this project. I have attached the Final Template and the matrix in case the links do not work. I have also attached the SoW, Work Breakdown Structure and Threats and Vulnerabilities Report (steps 1-6) as well.

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Project 1: Vulnerability and Threat Assessment
Step 9 and 10: Lesson Learned Report
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Threat and Vulnerability Report
A threat and vulnerability report informs a company about any security flaws in its surroundings.
It also explains how to estimate the hazards associated with certain flaws. This method provides
the organization with a greater awareness of its resources, security issues, and risk level,
lowering the possibility of a cybercriminal breaching its systems and catching the company off
guard (Fattakhov, 2020).
Evaluation of flaws
Vulnerability evaluations identify several sorts of network or system flaws. This implies that the
assessment process will include the use of various tools, scanners, and procedures to discover
vulnerabilities, threats, and hazards.
Then comes a thorough examination of the weaknesses' sources and possible consequences. Each
vulnerability may be ranked based on the effort at risk and the seriousness of the defect. The goal
is to assist you in quantifying the danger by conveying a strong feeling of urgency about its
effect on the system. We quantified and classified internal and external threats and
Network Analysis Tools and Methods
A penetration-testing element is often included in a vulnerability assessment to detect
weaknesses in an organization's staff, processes, or policies. These vulnerabilities may not be
identified by standard network or computer searches.
Penetration testing, on the other hand, is not adequate as a thorough vulnerability analysis and is,
in reality, a different procedure. A risk evaluation seeks to identify and propose suitable
mitigation or repair to minimize or eliminate hazards in a network.



Automated Assessments
Automated information security screening techniques are used in vulnerability assessments. The
findings are detailed in the risk evaluation report, which focuses on presenting businesses with a
list of weaknesses that must be addressed. In contrast, vulnerab...

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