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The Capstone is the culmination of the CRM program. In this course you applied the concepts learned throughout the program to a final research project. Concepts learned include research principles, ethics and regulations, clinical trial design and implementation, data management and analysis, project management, and dissemination of trial results. Your reflection of the projects should include the following points:

  • Introduction: What is your project and why is it important to you? Basic literature review to support. What is the main focus of the capstone project?
  • Methodology: How did you approach your project? Any barriers to overcome?
  • Results/Outcomes: Discussion of your findings or what you created. Any future research? 
  • Do you find this claim to be clear? Interesting? Innovative?
  • What do you especially find compelling?
  • What needs more explanation?

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Capstone Project Reflection


Capstone Project Reflection
The project I focused on was the recruitment of first-time clinical trial participants for
Duchene Muscular Dystrophy (DMD) research. The problem identified was that researchers
experience a challenge in recruiting first-time pediatric subjects for DMD clinical trials. The
objectives of the study, therefore, were to determine the main barriers and methods that can be
used to enhance recruitment. DMD is a genetic neuromuscular disorder that affects 1 in 5000
males (Paquin et al., 2019). Previous studies have experienced a challenge in accessing patients
diagnosed with the health condition and also their willingness to participate (Crossnohere et al.,
2020). The focus of this study, therefore, was to determine the barriers that lead to these
challenges. I focused on improving recruitment for DMD clinical trials by identifying the
barriers and also methods preferred by potential research participants for recruitment.
The methodology of the project was a mixed-methods descriptive survey design. Since
the aim was to determine barriers and participants’ preferences in recruitment, the design had to
be a descriptive approach since no inte...

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