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For your final project, we will take a closer look at domestic violence (DV)/intimate partner violence (IPV) through different types of lenses. As we know, DV/IPV impacts people in many facets and many attempts have been made at the federal, state, and local levels to combat DV/IPV. The purpose of this project is to examine some of those lenses by taking a deeper dive into laws/policies about DV/IPV, victim service programs in Nebraska that serve DV/IPV victims/survivors, and/or a marginalized or specialized population that is impacted by DV/IPV. I have listed three options to choose from, but you only need to choose one to write/present about. Students will have the option to write a paper about the topic they are choosing, or you can choose to create a PowerPoint presentation using VidGrid and present your topic. 

Option 1: Pick a domestic violence policy/law (either federal or state) and conduct a policy analysis about it (e.g., VAWA, FVPSA, NE DV law).

Option 2: Pick a domestic violence program in Nebraska and discuss it.

Option 3: Pick a marginalized or specialized population impacted by domestic violence and write a paper or create a presentation about it. 

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SCIP Program

Domestic Violence
Domestic violence can be described as a behavioral pattern, which usually happens in any
relationship. It can be sexual, physical abuse, psychological, and emotional actions which
intimidate, terrorize, humiliate, harm, or injure a person (Bates & In Taylor, 2019). Domestic
violence usually happens to civilians despite their sexual orientation, age, race, gender, and
sexual preferences (Truman, & Morgan, 2014). Typically, it usually affects individuals of
different educational levels and socioeconomic backgrounds. It can occur in same-sex
relationships and opposite-sex. It is also important to note that domestic violence mainly affects
individuals that are abused. This means that it can substantially impact co-workers, friends, and
family members. People, more so the children that grow up in such settings, are usually affected
Frequent violence exposure, especially in homes marred by domestic violence, ends up
experiencing physical and social issues (Campbell et al., 2003). On the other hand, it teaches
them that the issue of violence remains a normal issue and part of life. In turn, such behaviors
tend to have some risk on them as the next generation within the society. Based on this concept,
this research analysis will reflect on the SCIP program, which is a domestic violence program in
Domestic violence situation in Nebraska
Before highlighting domestic violence in the region, it is essential to note that Nebraska is a
state located in the Midwestern area. The state borders Iowa, Missouri, and South Dakota. The
domestic violence situation remains rampant in the place. Reports suggest that at least 38% of
women from the state usually experience different forms of violence (Campbell et al., 2003). On
the other hand, 26% of men also experience some form of physical violence, especially by their

partners. Apart from sexual violence, men and women in the area also experience partner
physical violence and intimate partner stalking. The region's crime commission reports that,
annually, Nebraska state experiences at least 1,119 domestic violence cases annually. Typically,
this usually happens based on aggravated assault, which forces the state government to intervene.
Most recently, the state recorded at least 1,048 arrests (Campbell et al., 2003). Apart from
that, the state had at least 8,804 domestic violence cases, which further resulted in more than
5,000 arrests. However, it should be noted that many law enforcement agencies failed to register
or submit data based on the issue. In summary, it is justifiable to state that at least 1 in 3 women
tend to experience a different form of domestic violence in the region.
On the other hand, 1 in 4 men within the state usually experience physical violence,
especially from their partner. State reports also claim that intimate partner violence in the region
accounts for more than 15% of violent crimes. Domestic violence hotlines across Nebraska
receive more than 21,000 calls on a daily basis. Further report suggests that 72% of murdersuicides within the region tend to involve intimate partners. More than 94% of physical violence
victims in the Nebraska region are female.
Nebraska laws consider the domestic aspect in at least three different categories that
measure the violence types, including the severity of damages. The law states that third-degree
assault entails causing bodily injury or threatening physical harm to a partner. Given the high
rate of domestic violence in the Nebraska region, the government, non-profit and for-profit
organizations felt the need to come up with programs to address the issue (Campbell et al., 2003).
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