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I only need the objective to be as a paragraph (own words), and the conclusion part to be completed for this experiment.

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OBJECTIVES (Make it into paragraph ) Develop skills with the oscilloscope as a voltage measuring instrument Learn how to measure the impedance of an element using a currentsensing resistor. Compare and measured the nameplate of a resistor, capacitor and inductor. EQUIPMENT REQUIRED 1. Resistors 1-100 ohm, 3.3 k ohm 2. Inductors 2-10 mH 3. Capacitors 1-0.47 uF, 1 uF 4. Instruments DMM, Oscilloscope, Audio oscillator, Frequency counter (a) Construct the circuit of Fig 3.3. Insert the measured value of Rs. Rs(measured) = 99.33 ohm (b) Set the voltage Vc to 4V (p-p) and measure the rms value of the voltage VRs with the DMM. VRs (rms) = 263.73 mV VRS(peak) = 2 ( 263.73 mV ) = 372.97 mV VRS (peak-peak) = 372.97 x 2 = 745.94 mV (c) Calculate the peak-peak value of current (I). I p-p = !"#.!" !" !!.!! !!! = 7.51 mA (d) Calculate the reactance Xc from the peak-peak values of Vc and I and record it. Xc= Xc= !"(!!!) !(!!!) !! !.!" !" = 532.623 ohm (e) Using the nameplate value of the capacitance (1 uF), calculate the reactance of the capacitor at f = 100 Hz and compare the result with previous one. Xc= ! ! ! !" = ! ! ! !"" (!! ) =1591.55 ohm The measured value is 532.623 ohm while the calculated one is 1591.55 ohm, so the calculated one is three times the measured value . (f) Using the measured value of Xc in (d), determine the capacitance level if f =100 Hz and compare it with the nameplate value (1 uF) of the capacitance. C= ! ! ! !"# = ! ! ! !"" (!"#.!"# ) = 2.98 𝜇𝐹 The nameplate value is 1 𝜇𝐹 while the calculated one is 2.98 𝜇𝐹 Table 3.3 Part (b)-(f) VRs (DMM) Ip-p Xc(meas.) Xc(calc.) C 263.73 mV 7.51 mA 532.623 ohm 1591.55 ohm 2.98 𝜇𝐹 Conclusion (create long paragraph here for conclusion ) ...
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Hello there, here is what i have done have a look and if there is any clarification please ask..have a look. thank you

A simple procedure of measuring AC current using an oscilloscope is by measuring the
dropped voltage across a shunt resistor. At the end of the experiment, will be able to acquire
skills on how to use the oscilloscope, an instrument used to measure voltage. Also, at the end
of the experiment, we will develop skills in the measurement of resistors, inductors, and
capacitors ...

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