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Determine the structural unit and the bonding in the following solids. Are the structural units atoms in a covalent network, ions in an ionic lattice, atoms in a metallic lattice, or molecules in a molecular solid? A) iron 

B) magnesium oxide 
C) naphthalene 
D) molybdenum 
E) potassium iodide 
F) sodium hydroxide 
G) diphosphorus hexoxide 
Apr 12th, 2015

A) iron - metallic 
B) magnesium oxide - Mg2+O2- ionic 
C) naphthalene - C10H8 molecular solid 
D) molybdenum - metallic 
E) potassium iodide - K+ I- ionic 
F) sodium hydroxide - Na+ OH- ionic 
G) diphosphorus hexoxide - P2O6 molecular solid

Apr 12th, 2015

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Apr 12th, 2015
Apr 12th, 2015
Sep 19th, 2017
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