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Apr 12th, 2015

(d,4) the d represents X and 4 represents y. So just plug in 4 for y. 

you get: now solve for d! 

3d+4=10 (-4 from both sides)=> 3d=6 (divide by 3 both sides)=> d=2

11. 2y-7x=4 to find the slope, you want the formula to look like this: y=mx+b 

so we need to fix the formula to look like that. 

2y-7x=4 (move 7x to other side) => 2y=7x+4 (now divide by 2 both sides) => y=(7/2)x+2 

so slope is 7/2 and y-intercept is 2! 

12. So to find the x-intercept is when y=0. so just plug in y=0 to the equation. 

4x+6(0)=-12 => 4x+0=-12 => 4x=-12 (divide by 4 both sides)=> x=-3 <this is the x intercept. (-3,0) 

to find y intercept you make the formula look like y=mx+b and find "b". 

4x+6y=-12 (move the 4x to other side)=> 6y=-4x-12 (divide by 6)=> y=(-4/6)x-(12/6) so you get the y intercept to be -2. 

Apr 13th, 2015

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Apr 12th, 2015
Apr 12th, 2015
Jun 24th, 2017
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