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Analysis of Coca-Cola Company Resources

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Analysis of Coca-Cola Company Resources
The marketing strategy of Coca-Cola entails multiple elements which are related and
connected, which incorporate the firm's marketing objectives. Coca is a recognized brand
worldwide which is characterized by successful marketing. A robust marketing strategy's core
comprises a thorough analysis exploring all the significant factors.
Market Segmentation
Mass marketing versus Targeted Marketing
Coca-Cola considers all customers as a target, but its segmentation focuses on "income,
size, and family.” Segmentation is the critical ingredient for the company's success. Age is among
the crucial segments of Coca Cola splitting it into two sections: the company primarily focuses its
products on a customer base of young people who fall between 10 to 35 years. This is why the
company mainly uses pop stars for marketing its products. Similarly, the company targets colleges,
universities, and learning institutions to acquire contracts. However, the company also targets the
elderly by considering diabetic individuals over the age of 40. Nevertheless, the company
distributes its products in multiple packages and sizes at different costs (Bekimbetova 2021).
This, in turn, makes it inexpensive for middle-class households and students. This segment is
attached to the size of the family due to the different packaging and size of the bottles.
Geographical Segmentation
Coca-Cola Company has stores in more than 200 nations. However, they adopt a distinct
strategy based on the location since the demands of prospective customers vary based on the
environment, wealth, customs, and culture. For instance, in America, Coca-Cola products have

attained the maturity level, while in china, there is an increased growth prospect; however, the
demands differ.
Although there are significant distinctions in preferences and tastes, Coca-Cola attracts
both men and women. In contrast to Coke Zero and Thums up (sold in India), which have a more
robust flavor, favored mainly by males, Coca-Cola light is immensely popular with girls and
women. This is evident in the advertisements and the design: Coke Zero's strategy is red and black
and appears more masculine than Cola Light's. In addition, the advert...

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