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Another way to consider the topic of spiritual formation, as an alternative to our historical approach, is to take a “streams” or tradition approach. Richard Foster has taken this approach in his Devotional Classics. He identifies six separate traditions and provides readings from representatives of those traditions. Undoubtedly, you will recognize many of the contributors.

Read the introduction page (p. 5) for “Preparing for the Spiritual Life” in Foster’s Devotional Classics. Then, choose just one representative reading/selection in that chapter, including Foster’s closing “Reflections,” and write a one-page (400-450 words) critical reflection. Here are questions to guide what you write:

How similar is this reading/selection to your own understanding of spiritual formation?

In what ways do you disagree with the writer you chose?

How would you critique this selection from a biblical perspective?

What are two things you learned by engaging the reading/selection?

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The spiritual formation: Foster
Thesis statement: spiritual formation is include endeavors, techniques, teachings, and practices
that are aimed at encouraging better spiritual growth and increasing one's trust in a higher

Spiritual formation has enormous effect that popular science has, it is impossible to
overstate how prevalent the worldview that it promo...

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