Review the case attached below Drones Over America

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Review the case attached below "Drones Over America" and:

1. Identify 6 stakeholders and write about 3 of them

2. Identify the technical problem.

3. Identify and resolve the ethical problem. (Using the ethical principle to identify and resolve the ethical problem).

4 .Resolve the technical problem.

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Drones over America Drones over America could be perceived as a modern and technological advancement, but there are several ethical issues that come with the technology as depicted in this paper. The United States Congress passed an Act in February 2012, the FAA Modernization and Reform act, to support such technology but little did the Congress knew that the same technology would incorporate several ethical issues especially in terms of personal privacy. In fact, the ethical issue with this technology has called for a strict limitation on the use of drones over the US air space despite their usefulness in warfare, weather monitoring, research, rescue missions, and investigation. Regarding this technology, the United States government has been the central stakeholder since its objective was to promote national security and investigation techniques through the use of unmanned aircraft systems (UAS). The Federal Aircraft Administration (FAA) has been in the front line to promote the technology, but it has also been the first organization to realize the ethical downfalls of the technology. The situation even worsened in September 2015 when the FAA opened the United States airspace to private organizations and commercial opportunities. As the industry and market for the technology became increasingly competitive, inevitable cases of breach of the initially existing norms and ethical considerations started degrading over time. The number of stakeholders kept on growing, in which case, the ethical considerations and the original allocation of the technology were no longer put into consideration. The technical issue with the case is that drones were designed and created to intrude even the most remote and secretive places possible as long as such areas could be reached using cameras. The use of unmanned aircraft system, which are the drones in this case, has made it possible for people to risk having a look at the most dangerous places on the planet. While this usage has been considered advantageous in warzones and risky areas worthy of investigation, breaching individual privacy has been quoted as a major ethical issue. Drones are usually fitted with highly sensitive cameras which can breach the right to personal privacy. In the course of attempting to retrieve crucial investigative information, many people lose the right to their privacy since image taken by the drones could be subjected to the public. Besides, investigations on specific people or areas could be unlawful and thus unethical. The major ethical concern lies on ones need for privacy, which a drone from any controller could unveil to the public thereby destroying the person’s reputation to the public. Other ethical concerns over the use of drones over America include a wide range of dilemmas such as public safety, governance, energy use, and governance. All these ethical concerns are in the context of the US government activities. The only solution to these ethical problems is the implementation of strict regulations and laws to govern the use and application of drones over America. Such regulations and laws should ensure that any person whose privacy has been breached or who thinks that the technology has been used improperly or unlawfully could seek a smooth legal solution and get the rightful compensation. This way, all drones over American airspace would observe all legal and ethical requirements to operate.
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Drones over America
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Ethical Analysis

Since the passage of the FAA Modernization and Reform Act in 2012, the number of
drones flying within the USA airspace has increased significantly. While the use of drones in the
US at the time was limited to government institutions, the FAA further opened the USA airspace
to private organization. This has led to an increase in the number of stakeholders who are
directly or indirectly affected by the use of drones within the US airspace. These stakeholders
include the US government, the FAA, Congress, the general public, security institutions, and
private and commercial organization engaging in the usage of drones.
The US government is considered as a key stakeholder regarding the usage of the
unmanned aircraft systems due to its continued promotion of the same. Over the years, the US
government has continued to encourage the usage of drones especially in monitoring and
enhancing the security of all the American citizens. Another key stakeholder on the issues

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