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One cannot fully comprehend the intricacies of the healthcare environment without employing the use of their innate senses. While reading, describing and discussing Total Quality Management and Continuous Quality Improvement in healthcare may be of great benefit, true learning will only be accomplish though exposure and experience.

In this instance you are to visit and interview a healthcare facility that has a TQM/CQI program. Observing the committee process is of greater benefit to learning. Write a research paper (8-10 pages) utilizing APA 6th edition format on your experience. Describe the healthcare facility and the members of the TQM/CQI / QA committee. Were these members appropriate in number and composition? What methodology was utilized to address concerns and issues? Were previous plans of action evaluated and measured for success? What would you have done differently? The same?

You are to utilize the principles, theories and concepts we covered during the term in analyzing this observation. Please note any outlier from what you have read. Employ several different resources to support your statements and findings. Please be advised that the University’s Graduate School policy for a research paper is to include at least six (6) references.

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TQM in Healthcare
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Over the last couple of decades, Total Quality Management has become a necessity in
health care organizations.; this has been greatly influenced by the initiatives from the facility’s
management, government regulations as well the influence of their customers and partners. The
approach is efficient because it is Total in a way that it takes a clear look at every department of
the organization, Quality because it helps in attaining the best standard services for the
customers and Management because the new reforms and innovations are brought forth to the
management. For a very long time, the government has been the sole provider of the Heath care
facilities but that has been changed.
The market niche of the healthcare system is gradually changing to customer-oriented as
opposed to a producer-oriented role it used to have before. As a result of this, patients are
becoming part of the organization and the decision making processes because they are now
considered to be partners and customers. Research done shows that Total Quality Management
has a hand in improving the quality of services by healthcare organizations using a mutual
approach and customized representations (Beck, 2014).



There has been an increasing change in the economy of many businesses and in response
to that, many organizations have come up with strategies to change and make effective their
internal services and most of the organizations have focused on improving their quality. The
strategy involved the introduction of the Total Quality Management program which aims at
improving all processes of the organization leading to positive results, growth, and development
of the organization.
Total Quality Management provides information and the norms about the company
regarding its operation process. It aims at satisfying customers’ needs by providing quality
services to them as they require. In order to facilitate this process, the organization should ensure
that every phase of the operation embraces quality services to minimize error occurrence and
facilitate early defect detection that will later minimize the operation cost since every process
will be done right the first time. TQM lays its strategy by its flexibility, efficiency and cost
reduction which makes a facility that has it to have an added advantage over those who have not
adopted it (Kelly, 2011).
Describe the healthcare facility and the members of the TQM/CQI/QA
The research aims at finding the principles that lead to implementation and achievement
of total quality management in a healthcare facility. These are guidelines and elements and
related activities on the health facility including its operations, committees, staff, customers and
the shareholders. In order to achieve this research, a case study o...

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