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Paper Outline about Air pollution

    • -Include your group topic in the header which is Pollution
  • -Include the title of your paper (an informative title regarding your topic) which is air pollution
  • -3 pages (double-spaced)
  • -Present an overview of your entire paper from intro to conclusion
  • -Paper outline format:
    • Introduction/Background – include 1-3 supporting background details as well as the overall thesis of your paper
      • Background Info (with supporting citations)
      • Background Info (with supporting citations)
      • Thesis statement:
    • Subtopic 1 (i.e., the focus of an area of research)
      • Evidence (with supporting citations)
      • Evidence (with supporting citations)
      • Must have at least 2 pieces of evidence
    • Subtopic 2
      • Evidence (with supporting citations)
      • Evidence (with supporting citations)
      • Must have at least 2 pieces of evidence
    • Subtopic 3 (you should have at least 3 subtopics, but can include more)
      • Evidence (with supporting citations)
      • Evidence (with supporting citations)
      • Must have at least 2 pieces of evidence
    • Discussion/Conclusions/Future Directions
      • Include main ideas here and discuss why your topic is important
  • -An outline format with bullet points for each section is strongly recommended, however if you prefer, you may write out paragraphs for each section
  • -As a general rule: under each topic in your outline you will need at least two pieces of evidence with in-text citations (Author(s) year).
  • -Please include your list of full references at the end of the assignment (this may change as you continue to write). You do not need to provide a blurb for each reference like you did in the “5 References” assignment.
  • -Bring a printed copy to class the day of which it is due as well as submit by turn it in.

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Running head: OUTLINE


Air pollution



The environment is faced with various threats that at the same time are also hazardous to the life
of the different organisms. Pollution is an example of a major threat that has been facing the
environment. Pollution can be described to be the introduction of a substance that is harmful or
have toxic effects on the environment. When these harmful substances which have harmful
effects are introduced into the air, then it will be referred to as air pollution. Air pollution causes
different effects on the environment and organisms (Cifuentes & Davis, 2001). These are
challenges that have been facing people in different parts of the world, and some processes are
carried out to control it. The paper comprehensively discusses on various facts about air
pollution such as causes, effects and mitigation projects.
Thesis statement: Air pollution has been proved to have adverse effects on the environment that
raises concerns in the global sphere to seek strategies such as Air Quality Mitigation Measures to
reduce or avoid the risks.
Subtopic: 1 Causes of air pollution
➢ Various factors cause air pollution. These can either be categorized into either primary or
secondary depending on the source and the nature that pollution is caused (Vallero,
2014). The primary air pollutants result from the primary or secondary sources.
➢ These are substances that are the direct result of the process of pollution and example
may be the sulfur-dioxide that comes from the factories (Rao, 1989). The secondary
pollutants are caused by either reactions or intermingling of some primary pollutants. For
example, a smog that is created when several primary pollutants react.
Burning of the fossil fuels



➢ In the process of burning the fossil fuels, combustion takes place which leads to the
emission of quite a number of gases (Vallero, 2014). The highest percentage of th...

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