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pretend you have just heard Dr.Luther king jr. speak at a civil rights meeting. write a poem about the events. use as many as these words

1.) ancestors

2.) avoided

3.) generations

4.) minister

5.) numerous

6.) pulpit

7.) shielding
Nov 22nd, 2017


had a few words to say:

"For generations we have been suppressed,

no freedom, and numerous regrets

our ancestors paid the price

and we have avoided freedom's rights

as a minister of God I do believe

that the pulpit is a place to receive


and yet truth be wielding

from hands that are no longer shielding

for we must progress

if our country is to be blessed"

and with that, Mr. King Jr. sat back down,

and the Civil Rights meeting advanced leaps and bounds.

Apr 14th, 2015

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Nov 22nd, 2017
Nov 22nd, 2017
Nov 23rd, 2017
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