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Need help with geometry questions (40) but they are easy I have listed the first 5 questions

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After observing this pattern, Ajou made a conjecture for the next number in the pattern. 128, 64, 32, 16, 8, ... Which number was most likely his conjecture for the next number? 0 4 Given that ZA ZB , Gavin conjectured that ZA and ZB are complementary angles. Which statement is a counterexample to Gavin 's conjecture? m2A = 10° and mZB = 15° OmZA = 30° and mZB = 60° m2A = 45° and mZB = 45° m2A = 25° and mZB = 25° Which answers are examples of inductive reasoning? Select each correct answer. All cats are mammals. All mammals have kidneys. All cats have kidneys. John's coworkers notice that John always orders pizza for lunch on Friday. Today is Friday. John's coworkers expect that he will order pizza for lunch today. Last year, it rained every day in April. Next month is April. It will rain every day next month. Peaches cost $0.95/lb at the local store. Sue is going to buy 10 lb of peaches at the local store. Sue expects to pay $9.50 for peaches. After observing this pattern, Hideko made a conjecture for the next shape in the pattern. Which shape was most likely her conjecture for the next shape? O Given that x is a positive number, Niram conjectured that x3 > x2. What value is a counterexample to Niram's conjecture? -5 10 O 1
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