Programming - Calculate the user's income based on his education level

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C programming: I need a program that:

1. Asks the user for his/her name and educational level then predicts what the user's lifetime income will be based on the following variables:

  a. Basic lifetime income=$400,000 

   b. Educational levels:

  i. Grade 12: add $50,000 

  ii. AA degree: add $200,000

  iii. BA degree: add $600,000

  iv. MA degree: add $1,000,000

  v.  PhD: add: $2,000,000 

2. After calculating the lifetime income, the program will report the results to the user.

3. If the user doesn't like the results, he/she can add education for a better outcome.

4. The user can keep trying until he/she is satisfied with the result. Then, the user can stop the program.

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