Personal Classroom Management Plan

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My Personal Classroom Management Plan

For this benchmark assignment, you will assemble your personal, comprehensive classroom management plan for the students in the “Class Profile.”

Your classroom management plan should consist of the following sections:

  • Professionalism – In 300 words, analyze how your professional decisions and actions affect students, families, and other professionals in the learning community. Include examples of professional interactions with various stakeholders including students, parents, co-workers, and administrators.
  • Student Engagement Strategies – In 300 words, summarize three strategies that foster active engagement and create supportive learning environments. Include how these strategies meet, or can be differentiated to meet, the various needs presented in the “Class Profile.”
  • My Philosophy of Classroom Management – Write a 160- word description of the culture you will promote in your classroom applying age-appropriate theories of motivation and behavior among elementary students to create learning environments that support individual students’ development, acquisition of knowledge, and motivation.
  • Classroom Procedures –Include five procedures from the “Classroom Procedures” assignment (one of which must address digital citizenship) and indicate how you will systematically teach classroom routines consistent with principles of effective classroom management and human motivation and behavior. Include a 210- word rationale that explains how the procedures will help create opportunities for students' active engagement in learning, self-motivation, positive social interaction, and supportive learning environments.
  • Rules, Consequences, and Reward System – List and explain your classroom rules. Include a 210 word rationale that explains how the system will help create opportunities for students' active engagement in learning, self-motivation, positive social interaction, and supportive learning environments.
  • Communication with Parents/Guardians – Identify three ways you will communicate with parents to establish and maintain a positive collaborative relationship that promotes the intellectual, social, emotional, physical growth, and well-being of students. Include a 160- word rationale for each of the three forms of communication.

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Personal Classroom Management Plan
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Personal Class Management Plan
A class management plan is a type of agreement between the teacher and the students
communicating to the students the steps that will be taken by the teacher in ensuring they receive
a quality education. Apart from setting ground rules in the class, another role played by a class
management plan is to establish personal goals and create personal accountability. Class
management is a crucial factor in any educational setting based on the above reasons. It sets the
tone of the class and provides guidelines in the way things should be done as well as bridge the
gap between the students’ performance and the teacher’s expectations. Engaging curriculum and
effective teaching are well done using a class plan (Wong, Wong, Jondahl & Ferguson, 2014).
There are several ways in which my professional behavior and actions will affect
students, families and other professionals in my field. To begin with, the impact on the students
is explicit as opposed to the impact on their parents which tends to be implicit. Also, the impact
on my students can either be positive or negative depending on the actions taken which are why
as a professional I am keen to weigh the pros and drawbacks of my actions. One of the ways in
which my actions as a teacher can affect a student is in their academic performance. Teacherpupil interaction is inevitable meaning that the teacher is responsible for the measures taken by
students and the trends set in the classroom. According to a study conducted in public schools by
Richard Buddin and Gema Zamarro, one of the ways of measuring a teacher’s effectiveness is by
looking at the student’s scores. A teacher’s actions can also instill particular values in students
such as the ability to work in groups.



Moreover, a teacher’s praise, evaluation, observation and words of...

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