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Article Review-2 TEC 5143 – Research in Technology This assignment is designed for you to utilize the services provided by the EIU library and to enable you to demonstrate your skill at identifying the essential elements of a scholarly article. Instructions: Choose an article that is interesting to you and then answer the following questions by filling out the box which include three major sections given below. At this point, the article you choose can be on any type; academic or non-academic. BUT at a certain point of this class, the articles (starting with the Literature Review assignments) HAVE to be academic. For these “article review” assignments no APA citation is required, however if you already know how to cite according to the APA citations, you should do it then. Read the given details below about the article review assignment: *In the summary section, you summarize the article in your own words. Do not rewrite the abstract, or any part of the article, and NO PLAGIARISM. At least one paragraph with 5 sentences should be written to get full credit. Make sure to include the title of article, and author(s) names, and the citation before you start writing the summary. *In the comments section, you put your comments and thoughts about the article (i.e. I did/didn’t like the article because…, this article was interesting to me because….,I learned new things from this article such as …). Comments sections must be also based on your own comments, and NO PLAGIARISM. For the “comments” section, at least one paragraph with 5 sentences should be written to get full credit. Start filling out the boxes given below to work on your article review assignment. The first box is 2 points, the summary section (the second box) is 4 points, and the comments sections (the third box) is 4 points. Total 10 points. Title of article: Author: APA citation if possible: Summary of the article: Comments:
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