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I want someone to do my part in this presentation which is "Marketing Mix Analysis" and it include four points :

  1. Pricing Strategy
  2. Product Strategy
  3. Promotion Strategy
  4. Place Strategy

# I just posted a file so you can understand more.

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Team Project Assignment Name of the organization: The name of the organization that to be examined is Smoothie King. Smoothie King was chosen as a member of the group is a track athlete here at Morgan State and on Thursdays they receive smoothies from the nutrition station provided for athletes. When the business name was mentioned it sparked an interest in the group, therefore, that business was decided upon as each member was willing to learn more about the business. Being healthy is not just important for athletes but for everyone as it helps us to live longer and have better lifestyles. Organization I. Overview: a. Executive Summary b. Organization overview i. Company description ii. Mission statement iii. Goals II. Situation Analysis: a. SWOT analysis III. Target Market Analysis: a. Demographics b. Lifestyles c. Patronage behaviors IV. Marketing Mix Analysis: a. Pricing Strategy b. Product Strategy c. Promotion Strategy d. Place Strategy Due dates: Part I and II – October 13. Part III and IV- November 1
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Presentation for Smoothie King- Outline
I. Pricing Strategy
A. Low pricing strategy
B. Price variation
II. Product Strategy
A. Differentiation
B. Quality products
III. Promotion Strategy
A. Discounts
B. Referral method
IV. Place Strategy
A. Franchise
B. Customer expectations

Marketing Mix Analysis

Pricing Strategy

Pricing strategy is important as it affects margins of the
organization and focuses on the units that the organization

The pricing strategy of Smoothie King is competitive and this
helps in the improvement of operations of the company.

The focus on the improvement of the sales volume encourages
the increment in the profitability of the company.


The variation in the pricing of the company products is dependent
on the different sizes of the products.

The price helps in sending messages to the consumers on the
perception of the brand in the market.

It affects the quality of the products and the availability of the
opportunities in the market in the long run.

The need for the low pricing strategy in the different categories is to
enhance the competition in the market.


The variation of the product content guides the pricing and this is
where the supplements are charged at an extra cost.

The need for the company to analyze the changes in the market
helps in informing the changes in prices.

There is need to focus on the building of market share and
embracing of the changing consumer taste and preferences.

Smoothie King in their competitive pricing embraces the changing
environmental needs.


The categorization of the products into different sizes
helps in...

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