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Directions: Watch one of TED Talks listed and respond to the reflection questions. Upload the attached Word Document to Canvas with your responses to the reflection questions. 

How AI can help shatter barriers to equality | Jamila Gordon (Links to an external site.)

Why we need a more accessible digital landscape | Judy Brewer (Links to an external site.)

In the war for information, will quantum computing beat cryptographers | Craig Costello (Links to an external site.)

Why you should get paid for your data | Jennifer Zhu Scott (Links to an external site.)

The era of blind faith in big data must end | Cathy O’Neil (Links to an external site.)

Reflection Questions:

Which TEDTalk did you watch?

Why did you pick this video?

Briefly summarize the video (3-4 sentences).

List and describe two concepts or ideas you learned from the video.

Why is the content in the video important for a BCIS major to know?

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I watched the TED talk by Judy weber about why a more accessible digital landscape is
required. She aims to improve the accessibility of the digital world and provides some guidelines
on utilizing the inclusive design. Some examples are putting descriptions for images and videos,
speech recognition, and audio captions that make learning easier for persons with cognitive
disabilities. The video provides insights on eliminating barriers to developing a more accessible
and inclusive design for the best technologies that every individual can utilize to support ...

Just the thing I needed, saved me a lot of time.


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