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  1. Name a pair of vertical angles
  2. Name a pair of complimentary angles
  3. Where two lines are parallel
  4. Name a set of lines that are perpendicular
  5. Can two angles be both adjacent and supplementary? If so, name a set of angles that are both.
Apr 16th, 2015

Vertical Angles:

Complementary Angles:

These two angles (40° and 50°) are Complementary Angles, because they add up to 90°.Notice that together they make a Right Angle.

Parallel Lines:

Lines are parallel if they are always the same distance apart (called "equidistant"), and will never meet. 


Perpendicular Lines:

Lines that are at right angles (90°) to each other.

Both Adjacent and Supplementary Angles:

Two angles whose measures add to 180 degrees. It is easy too to see this when the angles are adjacent like as shown below. Again, angles a and b adjacent because they share a ray (line in black) and a vertex (point in black called D), so they are adjacent angles.Now why are they supplementary?Notice also that the angle in blue measures 180 degrees because the angle is a striaght line and a straight line measures 180 degrees. Since the measure of angle a plus the measure of angle b = 180 degrees, a and b are supplementary

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Apr 16th, 2015

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Apr 17th, 2015

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Apr 16th, 2015
Apr 16th, 2015
Oct 18th, 2017
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