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Please identify 2 similarities and 2 differences between President Lincoln's Reconstruction Plan and President Johnson's Reconstruction Plan.

Apr 16th, 2015

 Lincoln’s Plan was  wanting to extend voting rights ,create Freedman’s
Bureau to protect African
Americans’ rights ,He also did not force states to provide
rights to African
Americans held by whites, gave amnesty to
southern states when
10% of its voters took
loyal oath

Andrew Johnson’s Plan  

Did not want to give rights to blacks,Vetoed Freedman’s
Bureau and Civil Rights
 Southerners including former Confederates would be given amnesty if they took a loyal oath

Lincoln's arrangement was known as the 10% Plan. It was straightforward. With a couple of special cases, Lincoln offered exculpations to any Confederate who swore steadfastness to the Union and the Constitution. At the point when the quantity of individuals who took a vow of constancy leveled with 10% of the quantity of voters who partook in the race of 1860, the state would be readmitted to the Union in the wake of sorting out another state government which nullified servitude. Lincoln was killed before this arrangement could be put into impact.

Johnson's arrangement was additionally merciful towards the southern states. He would concede exculpations to anybody taking a reliability vow to the U.S. aside from high positioning Confederate political and military pioneers, and individuals owning property worth more than $20,000. States would be readmitted to the Union once they made another state government that annulled bondage, canceled the state's statute of severance, and denied Confederate obligations. This was put into impact when Congress was in break. Johnson's Plan did not so much address the fortunes of recently liberated slaves and southern states started to pass "dark codes", or laws which extremely restricted the social equality of freedmen. At the point when Congress reconvened, it declined to perceive Johnson's arrangement by declining to seat any individual chose to Congress from any previous Confederate state. It then started to pass its own laws concerning the southern states


Apr 16th, 2015

Thank you so much.

Apr 17th, 2015

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Apr 16th, 2015
Apr 16th, 2015
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