the culture in Saudi Arabia and one chapter 7 textbook summary

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hey there this major communication the class 'intro intercultural comm'

there are two essay

one of them talk about saudi culture 3-4 pages

and one summary chapter 7 3-4 pages

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Saudi Arabia was named after Al Saud family which ruled the country in the 18th century.
Muslim prophet Muhammad was born in Saudi Arabia at a place called Hijaz. This place
became the foundation of Islamic religion. There exist a strong religious identity that is
accredited to Wahhabism. There are cruel punishments that originates from Wahhabi’s
interpretation of Islamic law. The punishments include public beheadings. This is prescribed for
certain crimes and the practice has led to emergence of criticism from rights organizations all
over the world. King Abdi-al-Aziz founded Saudi Arabia in 1932. He got hold of Hejaz from the
rule of Hashemite family after which he spearheaded the unity of the country under his authority.
He later died in 1953 leading to succession leadership by his sons. The mission of the Al Saud
dynasty was to contribute immensely in economic modernization and to sustain the country as
the most powerful state in the region. Culture refers to the way of life of a people encompassing
their customs and beliefs at a given time (Cambridge English Dictionary)
Majority of citizens from Saudi Arabia enjoy a wealthy status with just a few people at the
poverty line. Majority of people who work in Saudi Arabia are immigrants from other countries.
The unity of the country is hinged on religion and Kinship. One of the biggest challenges faced
in Saudi is gender segregation. The women have been barred from seeking employment in the
parts of the country where they may interact with men who are not related to them. Women are
highly encouraged to pursue jobs in the localities where members of their sexes work. Women
have equally been granted fewer rights to enjoy in comparison with their male counterparts.
Whenever they have to drive or go out of the country for some reasons, they must always be in
company of mail guardian known as mahram. All their activities that are done in public settings
are always dependent on the males either their brothers, father or husband. Whenever they want
to make public ap...

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