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complex numbers addition subtraction

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Explain how complex numbers combine algebraically and graphically (solely using the graph, meaning just graphing the result of the algebraic computation is not sufficient) under the following operations:

a.  Addition

b.  Division 

Oct 21st, 2017

Addition has been covered in previos question.

For division follow the rule:

lets take 2 complex numbers x1+iy1

and x2+iy2


multiply by conjugate of denominator



gives the division of the two complex number.

for graphing we have to use polar form



dividing 2 polar number gives

z1/z2=r1/r2  e^i(@1-@2)

we have to plot new polar number by taking radius as r1/r2 and angle as (@1-@2)

Apr 17th, 2015

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Oct 21st, 2017
Oct 21st, 2017
Oct 22nd, 2017
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