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Part 1) Please respond to the following:

As you progress through your Strayer program, you continually invest in yourself. Reflect on what you learned this term and consider how you can apply it personally and professionally.Reflect on your learning journey by responding to the prompts below:

What two new concepts or skills have you learned and want to develop further?

  • Describe a concept from this course that you have applied or will apply in the workplace.

What business concept was most challenging in the course, and how did you overcome that challenge?

  • How have you grown personally and/or professionally through this course?
  • Part 2) Respond to classmate:
  • Hello Class,
  •      It was a pleasure being in class with everyone. What I have learned most about the course is what. HRMs does when it comes to employees globally. Training, diversity, and ethics play a huge role when it comes to working internationally. I found it to be very interesting when it comes to learning about different cultures and the way other countries may do different things. When it comes to training one must do so much to prepare to work internationally.
  •          One of the concepts that I do apply to my workplace is diversity. I have to deal with alot of different cultures in my line of work. I have to show diversity because not everyone learns the same or do things the same way when it comes to banking. I have really grown because it taught me how to have more of an open mind and to have patience. Not everyone have the knowledge of banking. 

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Global HR Management – Discussion
Part 1: Main Post
I have gained some knowledge about how a globalized team of workers is procured,
allocated, utilized, and motivated. This is especially when they happen to be working for a
multinational organization. I have come to appreciate that large firms have offices which are
dedicated to finding and recruiting the best talents. The roles accomplished by the stakeholders
in that office are among the indispensable ones, and that is due to the fact that competition for
them is ever increasing. A firm must bring them on board before they are sourced by rival firms
(Bhebe, 2018).
I have learned that the allocation of human ...

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