write 6 pages about the Tata Group for Emerging Trends in Global Markets class

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Write 6 pages about the Tata group - double space - Make sure there is no plagiarism - Make it well the professor is a hard grader.

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Section 1: (about 1 to 2 pages) 5 points: (i). Abstract/summary of the case study; (ii)Company background, its foreign operations, product/service focus, mode of entry into the USA; is it publicly listed or private? (iii). Its strategic intent or the purpose of investing in the USA; Section 2: (about 4 pages) 10 points: (i).Discuss business strategies of the firm in the US; choice of US location(s), level of investment, products/services manufactured and or serviced in the USA; (ii). Discuss firm's management and its operational strategies in the USA; (iii).Discuss employment generated by the firm in the US; product/service exported from the US; any linkages with US institutions for R&D, etc., (iv). Strength & weaknesses of the firm in the USA; its brand image, competitiveness and challenges in doing business in the USA?. (v). Its future plans in the USA? Section 3: (about 1 page, 5 points): Conclusion and analysis of firm performance in the USA; Evidence of a review of firm's website or any other sources information provided in the bibliography and or appendix will count towards evaluation of the case write up.
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