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Need help finding communication tests for Psychology Study

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I am designing a study that uses a paired t test to determine if not only that there is an effect of depression on couples' communication, but specific effect or effects. I found a depression measure already, but I am wondering if there is a communication measure that incorporates depression?

Oct 18th, 2017

The measure to which communication either 

progresses or remedies depression is 


Depression is an illness that by its very nature

undermines many of the aspects of a loving

relationship that make it possible to continue the

struggle when things become difficult.

Relationships thrive on communication, for

example, and a certain amount of give and take,

but depression erodes both of these. Meaningful

communication is often one of the first

casualties of depression, and depressed people

simply lose the energy to give or the will to


People who are depressed are literally not

themselves, and that makes it difficult for both

parties to remain committed to working things

out. People who are depressed are likely to lose

interest in activities that both partners formerly

enjoyed. They are likely to lose interest in sex,

for example, and may find it difficult to sleep—or

to get out of bed. They may lose interest in food

or enjoyable activities, etc.

Apr 19th, 2015

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Oct 18th, 2017
Oct 18th, 2017
Oct 19th, 2017
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