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WATCH THE HOUR VIDEO AND ANSWER THE DISCUSSION QUESTION: The HBO documentary, The Weight of The Nation - Children in Crisis, described a complex and layered system of factors contributing to childhood obesity. A child doesn’t create the environment in which he or she is living, grow their own food, or decide which foods to advertise. In addition, a child doesn’t decide which aspects of the food distribution system will be active in their community, where parks will be situated, or how much education they will receive about nutrition and active living in their school system. However, each of these situations impacts the daily lives of all children.

As noted by the leading national experts interviewed in this documentary, the obesity crisis represents a moral challenge for America that requires us to decide what kind of society we are in and what kind of environment we owe to all our children. The government, communities, companies, schools, and families all share in this responsibility.

  • Discussion Question: Identify one of the following - government, communities, companies, schools, or families - and 1) discuss how they currently contribute to childhood obesity and 2) what role and responsibilities they should have in reversing this disconcerting child health trend. Think critically about your response; consider challenges, barriers, and opportunities. Just as individual health is impacted by social, environmental, and policy level factors – these factors also influence each other (ex. government policy influencing the production or/of certain foods; the price of food influencing the ability of a family to buy groceries). Cite your references appropriately.

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Discussion: Families Contribution to Children Obesity


Families Contribution to Children Obesity
Although the research presents the fact that there are several people or bodies which are
responsible for the children's health condition and more so in relation to the kind of food taken.
However, I think families are currently playing a bigger role in contributing to children's obesity.
This is because, most of the environments or exposure that children are faced with are created by
parents (HBODocs, n.d). Beyond, it is factual that obesity can be caused by the genes they pass
through, but the environment created at home inserts more force into the health status of the
child when growing. Some of t...

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