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Solve the Equation. Not sure exactly what's being looked for.

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Nov 21st, 2017

In order to factor an integer,

we need to repeatedly divide it

by the ascending sequence of primes (2, 3, 5...).

The number of times that each prime

'goes into' the original integer

becomes its exponent in the final result.

In our example,

  Prime number 2 goes into 8 three times

We need to factor the GCF (Greatest Common Factor).

The resulting term is a product

of the GCF and the original expression divided by the GCF.

In our example, the GCF is equal to x.


x= {0, 8/3}

Apr 19th, 2015

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Nov 21st, 2017
Nov 21st, 2017
Nov 22nd, 2017
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