Find a topic in the healthcare business and discuss it with classmates

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Chapter 1 in the textbook discusses research and specifically how one can benefit from the research of others. As you prepare to develop your proposal, you will be required to complete a literature review in your topic area. To organize your resources, you must keep track of bibliographic information such as:

1. The author's name

2. The title of the article

3. The name of the journal and the year, volume and issue numbers, and page numbers

4. Keywords and phrases that capture the focus of the article

5. If applicable, the Internet address at which you found the article

6. A brief summary of the article's important points

For the first discussion question, you identified topics in health care administration that are of interest to you. Find one article on one of these topics and share the above bibliographic information with your classmates. For follow-up discussion, respond to at least two of your classmates by sharing your view on the topic, sharing an experience relevant to the topic (this may include experiences shared by your collaborating administrator), or asking a question about the article's content.

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