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As indicated in the weekly lesson plans, you will be working on creating and enhancing your profile/account from the beginning of the term. 


  • Create a LinkedIn account (if you already have a current account you may use this). 
  • Submit the link to your LinkedIn profile, and a screenshot of your main dashboard in the Assignments link on course site. Select the link above to submit the assessment.
  • My LinkedIn profile: (????????) 

Follow these guides to enhance your profile:  

How To Create A Killer LinkedIn Profile That Will Get You Noticed (?????

??) and The Secret to Building a LinkedIn Profile That Gets Results (????????).

Some things to consider:  

  1. Is a professional-looking headshot included?
  2. Are you using the top bar for an image that reflects your interests or personality?
  3. Do you have a “headline”?
  4. Is your About section complete and thoughtful?
  5. Is your experience section complete, up-to-date and do your experiences include dates?
  6. Is your education section complete?

By the way, I won't be able to review your entire profile if we're not connected so please request a connection (otherwise I'll only see what the public profile allows me to see). Also, if you're based in a country outside of the United States and your LinkedIn account uses that country's platform, please know I may not be able to see it (this usually only applies to one or two students every semester but I wanted to mention it).

a little bit self describtion .

My name is Zibin Lu. I'm presently residing in Shenzhen, China, and I intend to finish my final academic term at JHU remotely in my hometown. I regarded myself as an enterprising student of international communication while in school, and I put a strong emphasis on developing my communication skills and using communication theories in practical settings. I enjoy brainstorming with others about their perspectives on various topics when I am not studying. Exchanging ideas, in my opinion, allows people to reach a greater level of cognitive development. I created a think tank called "Greater China Young Entrepreneur Think Tank(YETT) to provide more like-minded individuals with the chance to collaborate with people from other backgrounds. YETT is a non-profit organization founded by a group of young entrepreneurs, scientists, and scholars who want to positively affect the world through entrepreneurship, innovation, and research. I believe that these two labels of "the initiator of Greater China Young Entrepreneur Think Tank" and "an enterprising international student in communications at JHU" have positively contributed to shaping my distinctive personality and personal brand.

I am more likely to choose "the initiator of Greater China Young Entrepreneur Think Tank" as my label/brand as my time as a student is coming to an end. Since I will no longer be able to benefit from being a student, creating a personal label that aligns more with the working relationship is essential. As the initiator of YETT, I may achieve the desired positive image through the organization's empowerment, which creates a unique social currency. I believe that one of the ways to get social currency is to create scarcity, and the Invite mechanism on YETT can help with that. Our organization uses the Invite-only approach to annually select 20 excellent scientists or businesspeople. Then we conduct interviews with them to assess their abilities to make positive contributions to society and their contributions to society. To help new members of the organization have their thoughts and voice passed to society, we will also set up a series of forums and campaign each quarter. In the end, this not only helps the organization create a scarcity but also aids members in gaining a sense of social proof and giving them a feeling of being insiders (Berger, 2013) 

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Please view explanation and answer below.You will need to upload a profile picture, I can do it for you if you provide it. You will also need to connect with your instructor( I can help with this if need be).

1. Is a professional-looking headshot included?
Tell Zibin Lu to take a professional headshot and put it on his profile.
2. Are you using the top bar for an ...

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