Coms 321: SUBMIT Analysis of scholarly work ("The Rhetoric of 'Rocky': A Social Value Model")

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In this essay, you will need to identify the authors' thesis and purpose for this article because that is the foundation for their arguments. Then you explain the arguments the authors use to prove that thesis.

For some people, the best way to do this assignment is to outline the article. Others may find an essay format easier.  Whichever approach you choose, please remember that you are explaining this article to a reader, who needs to understand what you write. Assume the reader has not read the article. Therefore, phrases and incomplete sentences may be useful to you (the writer), but are likely to confuse a reader.

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Analysis of scholarly work, The Rhetoric of Rocky a social value
The Rhetoric of Rocky by Rushing, Hocker, and Frentz is a scholarly work that
argues that film and social processes are interdependent. The authors say that "Rocky" was a film
demonstrating a connection between social processes and reality. To prove their arguments, the
authors used the social value model that consists of five dimensions. The first-dimension states
that societal values exist in dialectical opposition. The second-dimension claims that symbolic
conflicts are in the dominant form for any existence of value changes. The second conflict
demonstrates that extended conflict to be solved demands the integration of concepts between
value systems. The fourth dimension is that every societal pattern requires specific psychological
conditions with the change agents. The last measurement often requires specific psychological
states to be met within change agents.
To demonstrate existing patterns of value change in American society, the use of the film

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