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PHYS 206L Magnetic Induction Homework (Due 10.26.17) 1) In a mass spectrometer, a single-charged particle (charge e) has a speed of 1.0 x 106 m/s and enters a uniform magnetic field of 0.20 T. The radius of the circular orbit is 0.020 m. What is the mass of the particle? 2) A beam of electrons is accelerated through a potential difference of 10 kV before entering a velocity selector. If the B-field of the velocity selector has a value of 0.010 T, what value of the E-field is required if the particles are to be un-deflected? 3) A solenoid with 500 turns is 0.10 m long and carries a current of 4.0 A. What strength of magnetic field will it have at its center? 4) How much current must pass through a 400 turn coil 4.0 cm long to generate a 1.0 T magnetic field at the center? 5) What is the strength of a magnetic field 5.0 cm from a long straight wire carrying 4.0 A of current? 6) A very long straight wire carries a current of 25 A. What is the magnitude of the magnetic field at a distance of 0.15 m from the wire? 7) A high power line carrying 1000 A generates what magnetic field at the ground, 10 m away? -3 8) How much current must flow for 1.0 x 10 T of magnetic field to be present 1.0 cm from a wire? 9) At what distance from a long straight wire carrying a current of 5.0 A is the magnitude of the -5 magnetic field due to the wire equal to the strength of the Earth's magnetic field of about 5.0 x 10 T? 10) What fundamental fact underlies the operation of essentially all electric motors? A) Opposite electric charges attract and like charges repel. B) A current-carrying conductor placed perpendicular to a magnetic field will experience a force. C) Alternating current and direct current are both capable of doing work. D) Iron is the only element that is magnetic. E) A magnetic north pole carries a positive electric charge, and a magnetic south pole carries a negative electric charge. ...
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Magnetic Induction
1. In a mass spectrometer, a single charged particle (charge e) qhas a speed of 10*10^6m/s and
enters a uniform magnetic field of 0.20T.the radius of a circular orbit is 0.020m.What is the mass
of the particle?
Magnetic field=0.20T
Mass of the particle
Magnetic field=u*3.142*pi*mass

2. A beam of electrons is accelerated through a potential difference of 10KV before enteri...

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