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it is up to you but I need help with a report, it has to be once again relevant to Australia

A building housing a child-care centre is infested with termites. The building is to be fumigated using the pesticide sulfuryl fluoride. The child-care centre asks you to prepare a report on whether there is any risk to staff or children in the proposed fumigation.

For this report, you will need to conduct extensive research that includes from 5 to 10 sources. At least two of these sources must be articles from peer-reviewed scientific journals. Write a report that presents scientific evidence for and against the use of sulfuryl fluoride and make a recommendation to the child-care centre about whether the fumigation should go ahead.

report check list

•used Times New Roman (12pt) 

•written approximately 1500 words from first word of Introduction to last word of Conclusion and Recommendations?

•used page numbers starting with the Introduction on page 1?

•included a title page?

•included an abstract?

•included a table of contents with all headings and page numbers?

•used Harvard-style in-text referencing to indicate the source of information used in the report?

•used the following main headings (as well as some subheadings) with the introduction starting on page 1:

-1 Introduction

-2 Discussion

-3 Conclusion and recommendations

-4 References (Harvard-style list including between 5 and 10 entries)

If you can help i would be greatly appreciated , but as I said it is up to you.if you need help with the peer to peer resources let me know and i can do a search on my University website.

1. Schneir, A, Clark, R, Kene, M, & Betten, D 2008, 'Systemic fluoride poisoning and death from inhalational exposure to sulfuryl fluoride', Clinical Toxicology (15563650), 46, 9, pp. 850-854, Academic Search Complete, EBSCOhost,


YongLin Ren, ByungHo Lee, Benjamin Padovan, Penetration of methyl bromide, sulfuryl fluoride, ethanedinitrile and phosphine into timber blocks and the sorption rate of the fumigants, Journal of Stored Products Research, Volume 47, Issue 2, April 2011, Pages 63-68, ISSN 0022-474X, 10.1016/j.jspr.2010.04.006.


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