Simulation versus On-the-job training.

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Choose a peer reviewed article on the topic "Simulation versus On-the-job training" and help me write 2-3 paragraphs related to that article with 400-500 words respectively. Also, please don't forget to mention the article that you chose in the document.

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Simulation vs. On-the-Job (OTJ) Training

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Simulation vs. On-the-Job (OTJ) Training
I chose the article Research On Effective Training Method In Organizations – A
Millenials Need by Jevana (2017) as it offers insightful information about different training
methods, including on-the-job (OTJ) training and simulation that would suit millenials who are
increasingly joining the job market. According to the author, OTJ is new employees' most
common training method (Jevana, 2017). OTJ training is also identified as job shadowing and
combines hands-on experience and observational training in the actual work environment. The
article indicates that OTJ training is employed in different cases, including when handling tasks
requiring teamwork and with simple responsibilities that are pretty easy to replicate. One of the
main benefits of OTJ training is that it allows and helps employees to adapt quickly and easily to
their new roles (Jevana, 2017). It also promotes bonding and team-building. Through close
interaction, employees can establish a rapport with their trainer/ manager and become more
comfortable in their position. OTJ training is also quite simple and cost-effective as it invol...

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