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....0 AT&T 11:34 PM 1 14% 4 = C Paper Checklist for Current Government Affairs Assignments 1. Article- does the article relate to the United States government, a state government, or a local government? Does it deal with a branch of government (legislature, executive, judiciary, or the bureaucracy)? 2. Article- is the publication date within the two-week window? 3. Article-print it out as soon as you find one you like and make sure you have the entire article (scroll down to the bottom of the article and compare that with what was printed off) 4. Paper- did you include a summary? 5. Paper- did you include your opinion? 6. Paper- did you use the Spellcheck and Grammar Check functions found on Windows to clean up any corrections? (Tip: Google doesn't catch as many corrections as Windows) 7. Paper- did you proofread your assignment? 8. Paper and article- do you have a hard copy of each to turn in at the end of class? 9. Paper- did you submit an electronic copy of the Moodle? paper to m L •.000 cricket LTE 9:10 PM 1 46% c 69-60 59% or below D F Class Assignments: Current Government Affairs Papers: Each week, students will submit papers focusing on current issues and affairs in government. Articles for this assignment can be obtained from newspaper clippings, magazine articles, or web pages dealing with the U.S. government (national, state or local). Your article should NOT be more than two weeks old. On the last class meeting for the week, every student will turn in a paper (1-2 pages, typed, Word document, double-spaced, 10-14 size font), which should consist of a summary of the article and your personal opinions/thoughts about the subject matter. Each paper MUST include a copy of the article you chose. A total of ten papers will be turned in, each paper worth ten points. Each paper should have a cover page attached to it. The cover page will include: your name, your class section number and meeting day/time, the title of the article used, the source of the article, and the article's web address (if a website is used for the assignment). I will require two copies of your assignment. A hard copy, along with the article you chose, will be handed in to me at the last class period for the week. Also, an electronic copy of your paper only will be turned in on the Moodle site. The electronic copy will be used to establish a paper trail for what has and has not been turned in. I will grade the hard copy and return it to you. The score for the assignment will be posted to the Moodle gradebook. I do suggest you keep the graded hard copy in a folder until the semester is over. Remember, your assignment is due in class at the last class period of the week. That is the standard I will be using to determine whether or not your assignment is late. The date and time you submit the electronic copy is NOT the standard. As I said above, I am only using the electronic copy as a paper trail. Automatic deductions: There will be an automatic two-point deduction to your assignment if it: • is late (you are in class when the assignment is due, but you do not turn it in) does not include a summary <
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Trump Ends Refugee Ban

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January this year, US president Donald Trump signed an order that would bar people
from seeking refuge in the country in a move that he says is in line with his campaign manifesto
of making America Great again. Most of the countries that were affected by the ban were major
Muslim countries sparking a lot of controversies and legal actions. On Wednesday 27th of
October this year, he lifted the temporary ban but still allowing a search and review into 11
countries he still thinks is dangerous. During his campaign, he had promised to ban all Muslims
from entering the United States.


The move in the first place was controversial, the economic downturns, terrorism and
effects of globalization are challenges faced by the entire world not US alone, Muslims issued
with travel bans because of terrorism have been faced with the same problems as well. Banning
refugees from the war zone countries without a proper individual reason shows conservativeness
and locking oneself out of the world. There are legal processes that can be followed to ensure
refugees settle and if they do not fit, they will be sent back to their countries.

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