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Running Head: Theory Y

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Theory Y manager
My previous boss during internship was a Theory Y manager who believed in hiring
highly competent staff and left them to do their job, only expecting results. He also trusted his
departmental and team leaders to do the coordination and oversight without interference. One of
his favorite lines to all employees was “…just let me know when you need my help… ”. His
motivation for employees was only rewarding top performances and great achievements but
rarely interfering or micro-managing employees. He had strong belief in his choices and
delegated responsibilities in people he estimated to have sufficient capabilities to handle their
respective assigned roles. In order promote team spirit; he would organize join session where
employees would freely share ideas, challenges and solutions at their workplace.
The unintended consequence of having good management and motivation plans at work is the
ability to retain or lose employees. Highly motivated who do not feel threatened at work stay
longer on one job and enjoy their participation at work (Martin, 2020). However, there is
significantly high turnover for employees using the Theory X approach in their management.

Martin, J. (2020). Library leadership your way. The Serials Librarian, 78(1-4), 9-16.

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Hi John, thank you for sharing this wonderful post with us. I couldn’t agree with you more on the
use of Theory X management approach. Some managers with th...

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